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Why Do Hair Extensions Matt At The Root?

It’s a topic that many of us don’t like to talk about, however it is a common problem faced by hair extension wearers, and often occurs as a result of not being provided with the right information on how to look after your hair extensions correctly.

What Do We Mean By Matted Hair Extensions?

Matting is where a combination of hair extension hair, and your own hair clusters around the scalp, causing the bonds to intertwine with each other. Over time more and more hair will become tangled within the matted section, slowly growing larger and larger. At the beginning of the matting processes the hair can very easily be untangled and corrected, however the longer the hair is left, the more matted the hair will become, and the more challenging it will be to correct the problem, or to remove at the end of their wear.

Why Do Hair Extensions Become Matted At The Root?

The most common cause of matting lies within the aftercare routine of the individual wearing the hair extensions. Looking after hair extensions is not a difficult task, however there are a few golden rules which must be followed, otherwise the result may be difficult to manage and tangled hair extensions.

What Is The Cause Of Matted Hair Extension At The Root?

There are 3 main causes for hair extensions matting at the roots: failure to separate the bonds at the root, sleeping with wet hair extensions, or poor application. Let's look at each of these in more depth.

Failure To Separate Hair Extension Bonds Can Cause Matting/Tangling

When caring for your hair extensions on a daily basis, one of the most important tasks you will perform is separating your hair extension bonds. This is simply the motion of running your fingers across your scalp on a daily basis, preferably in the morning and evening, to ensure none of the bonds have tangled with each other throughout the day or night. Doing this daily will prevent the bonds from tangling, which will in time turn to matting, and if there is one part of your daily after-care routine that you stick to religiously this should be top of your priority list. Click here for more information on how to separate your hair extension bonds.

Sleeping With Wet Hair Extensions Can Cause Matting/Tangling

A second very common cause of matted roots is sleeping with the hair extensions damp or wet. It is absolutely vital that hair extensions are completely dry before sleeping, and secured in a plait so that the hair does not tangle when sleeping. Sleeping with hair extensions even just slightly damp can have dramatic effects on how your hair extensions bonds sit at the root, and getting into a habit of sleeping with your hair extensions damp will lead you on a one way track to tangled hair extensions. When washing your hair extensions, ensure that this is done on a day where you have more than enough time to dry and brush them before getting into bed. If you are worried you do not have time to completely dry them it is simply not worth the risk, and opting to go another day with hair extensions greasy is a much better option than taking a gamble and sleeping with them wet. To read more about how to wear your hair extensions at night, or how to dry your hair extensions, click the links.


Poor Hair Extension Application Can Cause Matting/Tangling

Finally, the cause of matted roots could lie within the application itself. If you have selected a qualified professional to fit your hair extensions then it is unlikely that this would be the cause, however in the event that your hair extensions have been fitted incorrectly they are more likely to become matted through the reasons above than if they were fitted correctly. Bonded hair extensions should be applied methodically in neat and tidy lines. If the extensions have been placed sporadically, they are more likely to tangle together. Before allowing someone to fit your extensions you should always check that they are qualified to do so, and where possible ask for examples of their work. For advice on choosing someone to fit your hair extensions, click the link.

Preventing Your Hair Extensions From Matting/Tangling At The Root

To stop your hair extensions from tangling at the root you should follow the aftercare advice provided by your technician, and stick to the following rules:

What Do You Do If You Have Matting In Your Hair Extensions

If your extensions have matted we would firstly recommend that you call the person who has fitted them to book in for a maintenance appointment and discuss the problem. They should then arrange a time, ideally as soon as possible, to remove and replace the matted hair extensions. The most important thing to do is to act quickly, and not panic. Matting can be corrected if dealt with early, do not leave the extensions hoping it will go away, as unfortunately it will not.

Taking the time to separate and care for your extensions will increase the duration of time you can wear the extension, but will also protect your own hair, therefore it is beneficial to follow the correct advice and care for your lovely long hair. To learn more about how to look after your hair extensions and a suitable after-care routine, click the link.