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Why Do My Hair Extensions Look Separated?

Have you had a new set of hair extensions fitted, but feel as though the strands look spaced out or separated? This is a fairly common issue for a new set of hair extensions, however there are some very simple explanations as to why this may have occurred. Here we will look at what causes hair extensions to look separated, and how to correct the issue.


Hair Extensions Spacing

Hair extensions must be placed a suitable distance from one another to ensure that they do not have large gaps between each strand. If large sections of hair have been used for each strand, this will cause the hair extensions to sit with larger gaps between them, resulting in noticeable spaces between each strand. In addition to large sections of hair being used for each strand causing there to be gaps in the hair extensions, this approach will also mean that less hair extensions are used in order to complete a full head. Although the head will be covered in hair extensions, as large sections have been used for each strand, you will need less strands to complete a full head. By taking smaller sections of hair not only will you be closing the gaps between each extension, but you will also be allowing yourself more space to use more hair extensions, creating a much thicker overall finish.


Hair Extension Blending

In addition to ensuring your hair extension placement is correct for your clients head and that the right amount of hair extensions have been fitted, hair extensions should also be blended to ensure they look natural. If you are using double drawn hair blending is essential to remove a small amount of weight from the hair to let it move naturally. Without blending the hair at all, for some clients this may cause the hair extensions to hang heavy, resulting in some visible gaps. This will be particularly prevalent if the spacing is not correct at detailed above.


Removing Shampoo and Styling Products

Finally, a cause of hair extensions looking separated may be the result of either incorrect product use, or a failure to fully remove product residue. Products which contain heavy amounts of silicone can cause product build up which is more challenging to wash away. As a result this may cause the hair extensions to become more defined per strand, resulting in a separate, gappy appearance. Ensuring you are fully removing all product from your hair when washing, along with using the correct aftercare products for hair extensions will be key to preventing this from happening, and is a very common issue especially for first time hair extensions wearers.


How To Fix Separated Hair Extensions

If you or a client are struggling with separated hair extensions, working your way through this list to see where the problems lies will be key to correcting the issue. It may simply be the process of giving the hair a good wash to remove product residue that fixes the issue, or it may be that the hair extensions need to be repositioned if the fitting is causing gaps to appear throughout the head. Whatever the cause of the problem, hair extensions looking separated is an issue that is relatively easy to fix, as it is not a problem with the hair itself, but either an aftercare or placement issue.