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From Blonde To Red Using RedKen Shades EQ Toners

Going for a dramatic change like a grown out balayage to auburn doesn't always have to be done with permanent colours, and you can achieve an incredible transformation simply using toners.

For our client who is looking to add some warmth, we will be using a combination of warm RedKen Shades EQ toners, along with some bleach to lift the colour around the face and to blend in and grow our balayage for a beautiful transformation.

Step 1: Before we get started with the toners, our client has a grown out balayage, therefore we want to lift some of the colour around the face in order to create more depth of colour for the finished look. We will be using 40g of 20 vol BlondMe developer, 30g of BlondMe powder and the appropriate amount of Olaplex to protect the hairs health.

Step 2: First we are going to section away a portion of hair that we will lighten using a textured slice throughout. This will give more depth of colour to the finished look, as well as helping to balance out the old balayage our client has.

Step 3: Apply the bleach around the face frame, using a textured slice technique to add lots of depth and to keep the application nice and chunky.

Step 4: As you work your way around the face frame, be sure to leave out the ends of any pieces that have the grown out balayage, as we don't want to overdevelop the ends.

Step 5: For each section, ensure you backcomb each piece before applying your bleach, as this will make sure there is a natural transition from the roots of the hair and no lines.

Step 6: Once you have completed the face frame, continue your textured slicing and backcombing throughout the top section of the hair, still avoiding over-processing those old balayage pieces and leaving them bleach-free where possible.

Step 7: Once you have completed the face frame and front, you can finish off by lightening the back of the section using the same technique as the rest of the hair.

Step 8: Once the colour has developed, remove the foils at the basin, massaging the bleach into the hair as you remove each foil.

Step 9: Wash your client's hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Step 10: Dry your client's hair thoroughly, ready for the toner application.

Step 11: For our client's hair, we are going to be using a mix of different toners. To start at the root, we are going to be using RedKen Shades EQ in colours 7RO and 7N in equal parts. We are going to apply this to the roots of the hair using a tint brush, parting the hair in a cross-section, and working our way down each of the partings. We will then work our way through each section, slice by slice to full saturate the hair at the roots.

Step 12: Once the roots are fully coasted, use a hairbrush to pull some of the root colours into the lengths for a natural blend between the toners.

Step 13: Once the toner is applied to the roots, take your client to the basin to apply toner to the mid-lengths and ends. Here we will be using RedKen Shades EQ toners again, in equal parts 8C & 7C, with a dash of 9AA.

Step 14: Leave the toner to fully develop before washing your client's hair.

Step 15: You are now ready to dry and style!