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Fitting Hair Extensions On A Double Crown

Fitting hair extensions on a client who has a double crown can be quite a challenge and something you are likely to come across from time to time when fitting hair extensions.


In this blog we will go through the do’s and dont’s of working with a double crown, to ensure you give all of your clients the best hair extension fitting possible and are not intimidated by something as common as a double crown.


What Is A Double Crown?

Each individual has what is known as a “whorl” at the top of the head, where hair is arranged in a circular formation. For the majority of us, we have one whorl, however, for an estimated 5% of the population, two whorls are present, and in very rare cases, even three, however, this is much less common.


The reason behind having more than one crown is generally unknown and thought to be mainly genetic.


Why Are Double Crowns Problematic When Fitting Hair Extensions?

If you are fitting hair extensions on an individual who has a double crown, depending on the location of the second crown, it can force their hair to part lower down the back of the head, and therefore it looks thinner due to the natural parting. This means, that hair extensions are not able to be placed as high on an individual with a double crown, as the usual hair extension placement at the back of the head will leave the bonds visible, and therefore those with a double crown will need a more customised placement of the hair extensions towards the top of the head, or will generally need fewer hair extensions altogether, depending on the placement of the second crown.

How To Fit Hair Extensions Around A Double Crown

If you have a client with a double crown, you will be able to fit the majority of the hair extensions in their usual placement. However, as you work your way up the back of the head, with each new row, we would recommend laying the top section of hair down over the bonds and asking your client to move their head around naturally, in order to see if the hair extensions are visible. As the double crown will cause the hair to part at the back of the head, asking your client to move around will ensure you can spot if the hair extensions have been hidden, or if they are visible.

If the hair extensions are visible around the double crown, you will need to remove the hair extensions and either place them close by in a position that is not visible or simply leave this space empty.

If you end up leaving the space empty as you cannot place the hair extensions there without it being seen, you can compensate by building up the sides slightly more, however, you would still need to ensure no hair extensions are visible, otherwise, this would defeat the object of leaving the second crown free from hair extensions.


It is quite common for those with a double crown to only need a half head of hair extensions, or a three-quarter head, due to you simply not being able to place as many hair extensions as you would a standard fitting, and because of this it is important to inform your client of the complication with applying hair extensions to a double crown, as you may not be able to add the volume they are expecting.