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Easy Valentines Date Night Hair Styles

Hair Tinsel Date Night Look

We love hair tinsel for its subtly. Often people worry that it will be 'too much' or 'too young' but it can be applied to suit any occasion and age! For a date night, we like to use it minimally - enough to make an impact, but it's still classy! We recommend choosing a colour to complement your hair. For a date night, we like to use golds for brunettes and reds, silver for blonde hair, and multi-colour for black hair. Browse our tinsel collection here.

1. Take one strand of tinsel and fold it in half and pinch the strands together with your other hand.

2. Make a slip knot with the looped end of the tinsel. To do this, put your thumb and index finger through the loop. Then use your fingers to pinch the strands of tinsel and pull them back to make a slip knot. If you've done it correctly, the knot will slip away if you let go so make sure you hold it in place!

3. Take a tiny strand of hair just below your parting, this is what the hair tinsel will be secured too.

4. Place the small strand of hair through the loop of the slip knot. This bit gets very fiddly so it might take a few tries to get it right - it will get easier though we promise!

5. Tighten the slip knot around the hair, making sure it's close to the scalp. Then tie a normal knot to hold it into place.

6. Make your way around your head until you've got an even layer of tinsel!

Hair Gems Date Night Look

We use hair gems to add a bit of glam to our date night - they're so pretty you can't go wrong! We love to use the gems on a sleek pony and we'll show you how to create our favourite style below. Our hair gems look great with any hair colour but for our tutorial we will be using our Light Pink Hair Gems! Browse our gem collection here.

1. Brush your hair into a ponytail - you can do a high or low pony just as long as you leave a small parting at the front! Make sure you get all the bumps evened out with a brush and look out for hair caught in the ponytail.

2. Keep the hair in place using a strong hairspray or gel. This will also help the gems stay in place.

3. Choose your favourite colour gem. Our gems come in lots of different sizes to create a dynamic look. All you need to do is peel them off their backing sheet.

4. Start by sticking the gems just under your parting on one side.

5. For this look, we started with larger hair gems nearer the parting and slowly increased the gaps between the gems. We also dropped the size of the hair gem to give a fade effect.

6. Use hairspray to secure and repeat on the other side!

Romantic Waves Date Night Look

Getting the perfect wave is kinda hard. So we've made it super easy by using a curl comb - it turns any 'stringy' curls into big fairytale waves. Find out how to get our favourite look below, its a super easy to do when you don't have much time! Browse our curl comb collection here.

1. Start of curling your hair in your favourite way - we're using a wand but straighteners or tonges are fine.

2. Take a curl comb and slowly brush out your curls. Don't worry they won't disappear! This spreads out the hair into larger waves instead of clumped curls.

3. Do the whole of your head and give your hair a spritz of a medium weight hair spray!