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Common Hair Extension Aftercare Mistakes – Making The Most Of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a quick, easy, and affordable way of changing your look, extending your hair length and adding volume in an instant. Increasing in popularity year on year, hair extensions are now becoming an essential part of a woman’s hair and beauty routine, however, what many fail to realise before purchasing hair extensions are the key changes in your aftercare routine that will need to be adapted, to ensure your beautiful new locks stay gorgeous throughout the time you are wearing them.

When it comes to hair extension aftercare there are often common mistakes that are made that are easily avoidable with the right knowledge and advice, and here we will go through the top 5 most commonly made hair extension mistakes and how to look after your hair extensions more effectively.

Sleeping With Wet Hair Extensions

A very common mistake that is often made by hair extension wearers is falling asleep before your hair extensions have fully dried. Doing this will result in your bonds becoming tangled over time, which will feel very uncomfortable and make your hair extensions difficult to maintain, resulting in them having to be removed early. Always ensure that your hair extensions are completely dry before going to bed to keep your bonds beautiful and tangle-free. To learn more about why you should not be sleeping with your hair extensions wet, click the link.

Condition The Mid Lengths & Ends Of Hair Extensions Only

Another common mistake made by hair extension wearers is not adapting your shampoo and conditioner routine to fit with your hair extensions. Whilst washing your hair extensions with shampoo like normal is absolutely fine, you must remember to only condition the mid-lengths and ends. Applying conditioner to the bonds may result in them becoming damaged and eventually falling out, therefore to ensure your hair extensions stay in place, be mindful when washing your hair. For more information on how to wash your hair extensions, please click the link.

Hair Extension Wearers Must Use The Correct Aftercare Products

On the subject of aftercare, it is very common for those purchasing hair extensions to not invest in the correct aftercare products, and this can cause problems with your hair extensions. Using a product not suitable for hair extensions may result in the hair becoming dry or damaged, and may affect the quality of your hair extension bonds as detailed above. Always ensure that you have purchased the recommended products to ensure that your hair extensions stay looking and feeling beautiful. To view our hair extension aftercare range, click the link.

Hair Extension Bonds Must Be Separated

This has got to be the most commonly made mistake of all and is one of the most important parts of your daily routine. Each and every bond must be separated on a daily basis to ensure that they are not given the opportunity to tangle together. If you do not do this, your bonds will quickly intertwine with each other, making your hair extensions uncomfortable, difficult to tie back and difficult to maintain. In these circumstances, if left too long your hair extensions will need to be removed and reapplied, so it is well worth the 1-2 minutes it takes to separate your bonds to prevent this from happening. Not sure how to separate your bonds? Click on the link for more information.

Hair Extensions Must Be Secured When Sleeping

To ensure your hair extensions do not tangle whilst you sleep it is essential that they are secured in a plait or ponytail before bed. A great way to secure your hair extensions is by using a bobble such as our Anti-Tension Extension Bobble. Not only does it secure your hair extensions, but it prevents tension on the scalp, protecting the bonds and its unique design will prevent a kink from forming in your hair overnight. Sleeping with your hair down will encourage the bonds to rub together, resulting in matting over time that is easily avoidable. If you are unsure how to wear your hair extensions at night, click the link.

There are of course many other elements to a good hair extensions aftercare routine, and for full details on how to look after your new hair extensions click the link. By avoiding the above mistakes and paying close attention to your hair extensions you will find that they last you longer, and stay feeling beautiful, soft and tangle-free throughout the time you are wearing them.