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How To Colour Match Vibrant Shades For Hair Extensions

When working as a hair extension technician either mobile or in a salon, you will find that the large majority of your clients have natural hair colours, ranging from black to blonde, with variations in between. As a newly qualified hair extension technician, or experienced technician, dealing with this type of hair colour is standard within our industry, but how do we match and manage client expectations for bright, vibrant colours, such as pink, blue or green?

The Problem With Matching Vibrant Colours For Hair Extensions

Colour matching vibrant colours for a hair extension fitting is tricky for a number of reasons. Firstly, finding a supplier who has the exact colour you are looking for in stock and available for immediate dispatch can be a challenge, however more challenging than this is finding an exact match to your client vibrant shade. Sure, many suppliers will stock a bright pink, however they will most likely only stock 1 shade of bright pink, unlike natural hair extensions shades which have many variations. Finding that perfect shade of pink, that will blend seamlessly and match your clients colour can be incredibly stressful, with even the most experienced of technicians struggling to find that perfect match for this unique client. Luckily there is a quick and simple solution which solves this and many other problems associated to vibrant hair extension clients.

How to Deal With A Client With A Vibrant Hair Colour For Hair Extensions

So you meet a client with bright pink/blue/green hair, and your instant response is to grab your colour ring, match up the shade and hope/pray that the colour is a) a close enough match b) your supplier has this colour in stock right?….Wrong. The best and most suitable solution is to select a light shade, most commonly a #613, and to colour these to match your clients hair…yes that’s right, in this one off circumstance we are actually encouraging you to colour hair extensions*.

Why Dyeing Hair Extensions Is Best When Matching Vibrant Hair Colours

There are a number of reasons why dyeing blonde hair extensions to a vibrant shade such as pink is a far better option than attempting to find a suitable colour match from your supplier.

Achieving The Perfect Hair Extension Colour Match

Firstly, by colouring the hair extensions yourself you are much more likely to achieve a perfect colour match. Your client has not naturally grown pink/green/blue hair, and therefore she will be able to tell you the exact dye/colour that was used on her hair to achieve the colour she has. Using this information, you will be able to easily duplicate her colour using the same product, resulting in a near on perfect colour match.

Vibrant Colour Hair Extensions Fade

Coloured hair extensions are achieved through the use of cosmetic hair dyes to pigment the hair to achieve a vibrant shade such as pink or blue, therefore over time this will of course fade as your client washes her hair. By colouring the hair extensions yourself ahead of time, you will be able to advise her easily how to top up the colour, without the fear of selecting a colour that will alter the shade so that they no longer match.

Topping Up The Colour Of Your Vibrant Hair Extensions

In the same sense as colouring the hair when it fades, knowing the exact hair dye that has been used can make daily maintenance easier through a clever idea of adding your dye to a conditioner. By adding a small amount of colour to the client’s daily conditioner, with every wash they will be able to top up their colour, reducing the rate at which the overall colour fades, resulting in a happier client.

Hair Extensions Are Always In Stock

By opting to colour light hair extensions such as a #613, you will not have to wait for a specific colour to be ordered by your supplier, so fitting your client in sooner rather than later will be far more achievable by using this method as opposed to ready coloured hair extensions.

Managing Client Expectations When Fitting Coloured Hair Extensions

By explaining all of this beforehand to your client, their expectations will be much easier to manage if they are aware that the hair extensions need to be coloured before the fitting. They can be informed of the risks to quality by colouring hair extensions, that the colour will inevitably fade and need to be topped up, and that vibrant colours are harder to manage than natural shades. By explaining all of this, you are far less likely to have a client who is disappointed to find they are constantly having to top up the colour, and can easily be guided by you in staying on top of this shade for the duration of time they are wearing their hair extensions.

*Colouring Hair Extensions

Whether you decide to dye the hair extensions for your client beforehand, or whether you advise your client to dye the hair extensions themselves and you fit them, there is always a risk when adding additional colour to hair extensions. They have already been through a dying process once, and therefore are more porous and temperamental than other hair types. You and your client must be fully aware that colouring hair extensions would be at your own risk, as it will render the hair non-returnable, and the longevity and quality of the hair can no longer be guaranteed.

Vibrant Coloured Hair Extensions Are A Great Portfolio Piece

Vibrant hair colours are fun to work with, and often reveal beautiful finished looks, however as with any challenge faced in the hair extension industry, knowledge is key to your success. By opting for an alternative idea such as the one above for vibrant hair colours, you may find managing and working with this type of client much easier and more successful in the future, making for some great before and after pictures for your portfolio. Have you worked with any vibrant colours recently? We would love to hear your ideas on how you find managing these hair colours, and techniques you use to create the finished look.