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Can I Fit Hair Extensions On Broken Hair?

Not everyone that comes for a set of hair extensions will have perfectly healthy hair. However, this isn't to say that they aren't suitable for hair extensions.

When it comes to hair health, it is essential to consider each client individually. You must assess the quality of the hair and decide if the health issues of the hair are likely to be worsened by hair extensions.

In our client's case, due to wearing her natural hair up in a ponytail often, a section of the hair was broken and damaged. She was concerned that wearing hair extensions would worsen the problem but wanted to lengthen and thicken her natural hair.

First, it was necessary to establish the cause of the broken hair, make an educated decision as to whether hair extensions would be a suitable option and what type of hair extension would work best. From discussions with the client, it was clear that the hair had been broken due to pressures placed on the hair when pulled back in a tight ponytail regularly. We can safely assume that the breakage is isolated to this area only based on this information. Should the client have advised, the breakage was due to overprocessing of the hair, there would be the chance that other areas of the hair were very weak, and in those circumstances, any type of hair extensions would not be recommended until the hair overall condition and strength had improved.

Because the breakage was due to how the hair had been worn, we determined that hair extension would be fine for our clients and in fact, may assist in improving the health of the broken hair, as by having hair extensions the temptation to pull the hair back into a ponytail would no longer be there.

When considering what type of hair extensions the client should have, we knew we would need to avoid the broken piece of hair. As we would be missing a large section, we needed a method to easily work around a section without making the hair look thin. For this reason, we opted for tape, as the dense width of each piece would conceal the missing section of hair.

We will fit the extensions for our client in the usual way, however, when we reached the broken area, the pieces were strategically placed above, and below the broken hair, for that, the air did not look sparse, but the brokem hair was also not further compromised.

The finished look allowed our client to have long hair extensions but hide the broken section sufficiently, allowing it to heal throughout the time the hair extensions are being worn.