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Can I Colour A Clients Hair When They Have Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a very common skin condition, and those that suffer from it will more often than not find that it affects their scalp. It is estimated that up to 11.4% of the population suffer from some form of psoriasis, with 62% experiencing flaking and scaling of the scalp, therefore with such a high prevalence in the population, you will certainly come across this condition throughout your hairdressing career.

Is It Safe To Dye Hair When You Have Scalp Psoriasis

When a client has a skin condition, there is no one size fits all approach, and therefore you will need to work with each of your clients who have a skin condition like psoriasis to work out the best course of action. For any skin condition, it is always best to exercise on the side of caution, finding out if there are any ingredients your client is aware of that negatively affects their scalp, and before any treatment, you should always be performing a skin test on the client at least 48 hours ahead of the appointment.

That said, it is safe to colour the hair of a client with psoriasis, but there are a few things to consider ahead of time, to prevent the treatment from causing a flare-up of your clients' psoriasis.

Use Medicated Treatment Before The Appointment

Before the appointment takes place, encourage your client to use his or her usual medicated treatments in the weeks leading up to the appointment, to ensure that the scalp is in the best condition possible. If your client is having a particularly bad flare-up, consider delaying the appointment until the scalp is in a more controlled state.

Protect The Scalp With Petroleum Jelly

Products like vaseline are great for use with hair colouring services if you have a client with psoriasis or skin sensitivity. It acts as a barrier between the product and the scalp and can be applied to any affected areas ahead of the application. It is also worthwhile applying vaseline or similar to the forehead, ears, neck and any other areas that may be exposed to hair dye, in order to protect the skin as much as possible.

Handle To Scalp Gently

Sensitive scalps, especially those with psoriasis, need to be handled with care, so opt for cooler temperature waters, sensitive products in terms of shampoo and conditioners, and avoid abrasive actions like scrubbing the scalp. Work gently with the client for a more soothing, gentle experience, even when detangling.

Avoid Paraphenylenediamine When Dealing With Psoriasis Clients

Paraphenylenediamine, otherwise known as PPD is a common ingredient used in hair dyes, however, it is a known irritant. As people with psoriasis are especially sensitive to different ingredients, PPD should be avoided for clients with psoriasis.