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Banding Colour Correction


After years of colouring, sometimes the journey to blonde isn't easy, and banding is a common issue that arises throughout the transition.

For our client, she had spent the past few years colouring her hair brown and now wanted to transition back to blonde. However, this had resulted in lots of patches and banding. Using a block bleaching method, we aimed to level out her hair for a softer all-over blonde. With this method, we aim to lift the hair all over, and then toner back down so that the colour is much more evenly distributed.

Step 1:  Start sectioning the hair and clipping away the front sections to begin work on the back.

Step 2:  For our formula, we use 30g of bleach powder, 50g of 20 vol developer and 5g of Olaplex.

Step 3: Take your first slice of hair from the back at an angle, and place your foil on top of a balayage board. Apply a small amount of bleach to the top of the foil to ensure saturation through the section.

Step 4: Place the hair on the foil and apply your bleach to the bottom section of the hair.

Step 5: Continue this process throughout the back of the head.

Step 6: Once the entire back section is complete, you can move on to the side, remembering to do upward strokes on the top to soften the blend.

Step 7: Begin removing the foils once developed, rubbing the bleach into the hair and spreading the excess upwards.

Step 8: Then remove the bleach and wash with a purple shampoo, followed by Olaplex.

Step 9:  Now that the hair has been lifted a few levels, we can tone it down for a more even colour, and we used RedKen 9VG and Gloss.

Step 10:  Apply the toner to the ends, and rub the toner throughout the hair, combing through with a brush for full coverage.

Step 11:  Rinse the toner when developed and then apply it to the roots at the basin.

Step 12:  Now your colour should look ALOT more, and you can dry and style.