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AirTouch Balayage Technique Tutorial


The AirTouch technique is a new and creative way to create a seamless blend of colour using air instead of a more traditional backcombing method.

The air touch technique works by blowing away the shorter hairs within a section, leaving you with only the lengths and creating a seamless blend for your client.

This technique is best used on clients with virgin hair that does not need any colour correction; for example, clients who may have some previous banding are also best used on clients who have finer hair texture.  

For this technique to be the most effective, it is also worth investing in a high-quality hairdryer with a nice strong output.

So, how does the technique work in practice? Here is our step by step guide on how we took our client from virgin brown to blonde using only the air touch technique.



Step 1:  We started by sectioning the hair into thirds from top to bottom, so we secured the top third on top of our client's head, the middle third we parted through the middle, and then the bottom third we left free. We then took a diagonal section from our bottom section as our start point

Step 2:  For our formula, we started at the back of the head with 30g powder, 20 vol developer and Olaplex

Step 3:  From our first section, we started at the nape of the neck with our AirTouch technique, taking a thin slice of hair and holding it taught from the bottom of the hair. We then used our hairdryer to blow down all of the shorter hairs that we're not being held in place by our hands. Once you have blown all of the baby hairs out of the section, gather these with your hand and further separate them from the section by pulling the baby hairs in a downwards motion and the long section in an upwards motion.



Step 4:  Using foil and a balayage board, apply your bleach to the top layer of longer hairs, covering the section entirely.

Step 5:  Repeat this process throughout the whole section before replicating this on the other side of your diagonally placed sectioning.



Step 6: Once your bottom section is complete, you can move on to your middle section, starting at the face, and working through the section at a diagonal angle.

Step 7:  Once you reach the middle, begin the process again on the opposite side.

Step 8:  Finally, repeat this process on your top section, but switch your formula to 10 vol. You will be working your way up the head in line with the parting, leaving out the very front, which will be a subtle money piece.

Step 9:  As you complete the foils on the top of the head (excluding the money piece), keep an eye on the back foils, as these will need removing from the foil to slow down the development if they have lifted already. Once you have finished foiling the top section, you can rinse the hair's back section at the basin.

Step 10:  Finally, it is time to apply your air touch technique to the front of the head around the face, making sure to angle your foils towards the face.

Step 11:  Keep an eye on all of your foils, and remove and rinse once they have fully developed. You may need to do this in sections as the oldest foils will be ready sooner than the newer placed foils.

Step 12:  Once all of the foils are removed you can fully shampoo and condition your client's hair.

Step 13:  Now it's time for toner. We used RedKen Shades EQ in 9vg (10g) and 4NB (10g) plus gloss on the client's roots, followed by 9v (10g), 8WG (5g), 7GB (5g), 9AA (10g) and gloss on the mid-lengths and ends.

Step 14:  After detangling our client's hair we sectioned it into 3, before applying the toner to the roots using a tint brush.



Step 15:  Use a detangler to subtly pull the root toner towards the mid-lengths for a subtle melt between the toners before leaving the root toner to develop for 15 minutes.

Step 16:  Using an application bottle, apply your mid-lengths and ends toner to the hair, using your hands and a brush to pull it through the hair.

Step 17:  Leave the toner for an additional 5 minutes to develop.

Step 18:  Rinse the hair with shampoo and conditioner, and you are now ready to style!