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Adding Volume & Length with Hair Extensions

We love a dramatic and glamorous transformation, so when Jade asked for a full head of super long hair extensions, we couldn't wait to get started.

Creating super long and thick hair extensions is possible for most clients. However, if a client has naturally thick hair, it is the perfect canvas for a dramatic transformation.

It's easier to fit long and voluminous extensions into thick hair because there is more hair for them to attach to. The hair extensions will then blend with the natural hair without being noticeable. Applying too many hair extensions to fine hair can put tension on the natural hair, and therefore no matter how much a client wants super thick hair, it may not be possible to apply extensions safely.

Fortunately, our client's natural hair was thick, making it perfect for applying lots of tape hair extensions for a stunning finish.

Before applying for the hair extensions, our client wanted to add some different tones to her hair. Therefore, we began the process by sectioning the client's hair, ready to apply 40g of 20 vol developer and 30g powder in a balayage formation to add light to the hair's existing colour.

To do this, for each section, we created a weaved slice, and used a balayage board to apply our product in a v shape pattern. Once applied, the hair was covered in foil to accelerate the processing time.

This method was repeated throughout the head to create a beautiful and natural sunkissed colour.

Once the hair has lifted to a colour you are happy with, rinse and tone it, so it's ready for the hair extension application. We used Loreal Dia Ligh 9.12 and 9 vol activator.

Now it's time to blow-dry and straighten your client hair, ready to colour match for hair extensions!

Like our clients, natural hair is already quite thick. To make blending the hair extensions seamless, we are taking out some of the bulk at the ends of the natural hair before we start.

As our client now has several different colours in her hair, we will be using a mix of tones for her hair extensions, 2/4, 4/6 and 6/16.

Working up the head section by section, apply your tape pieces, squeezing them together tightly with smooth pliers to secure them in place. We use a brickwork formation to work our way up the head for a beautiful, fully finished look.

We are also using our velcro grippers to secure any flyaway hairs out of the way, which helps to create a spotless working area.

Once you have applied all of your hair extensions to the back of the head, you can start to use the hair extensions to the sides. Make sure to leave at least two fingers wide away from the hairline so that the client can tie her hair up and easily conceal the hair extensions from view.

Once all hair extensions are applied, it's time to trim and style to reveal the finished look!