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Adding Extension To The Sides For Volume

Many think that hair extensions are applied to all of the head for length or volume; however, many find extensions to help balance out broken/thin hair around the face. Adding hair extensions to the sides can be a great way to improve the appearance of your hair. 

Our client is happy with the thickness and length of her hair at the back; however, years of styling have left the sides looking thinner in appearance, and therefore we opted to add tapes to the side to thicken the hair and match the back more seamlessly. 

To do this, you first need to identify if there are many reasons why the hair is thinning at the front and ensure that the hair is healthy. If the hair appears damaged from excessive colouring or poor scalp health, hair extensions may not always be the right option; however, in our client's case, her hair was perfectly healthy, just a little more sparse than at the back. 

Step 1:  Firstly, we colour-matched our client's hair to ensure that the extension blended seamlessly with her existing colour before sectioning on each side where we would be applying our extensions and securing the rest of the hair.

Step 2:  To tame any flyaways, use a velcro gripper so that you have a nice clean surface area to work on.

Step 3:  We place approximately six tape sandwiches on each side, making sure to leave enough distance from the hairline so that our client could still tie her hair back without the visible tape.

Step 4:  Once all the tapes were fitted, they were trimmed to match the client's natural hair length before being styled and finished. The result was hair that looked thicker, healthy, and had a new lease of life.