What Is Remy Hair?

Remy is a term that is often used in the hair extension industry, and to those who are new to the world of hair extensions it is just one of many terms that can be confusing to understand.
Whether or not hair extensions are “remy” will have a huge affect on the quality and the longevity of the hair, which is why it is so important to understand the difference between remy and non remy products.
Here we shall look at what it means for hair extensions to be classed as “remy”, what to look out for, and why it is so important for the quality of the hair.

What does remy mean?

The term remy refers to human hair that has been collected from a human hair donor, and has undergone minimal processing to ensure that the hair is soft, silky and tangle free. What makes remy hair unique from hair extensions simply classed as “human hair”, is that to ensure that the hair remains tangle free all of the cuticles have been aligned, ensuring that they are all facing in the same direction, as they would if they had grown naturally from your scalp.

remy2What does aligned cuticles mean?

For hair to be classed as remy, each strand of hair must be facing in the same direction that is would had it naturally grown from your scalp. Here we have an example of what remy vs non remy hair would look like up close.

As our hair grows naturally from our scalp, each of our cuticles will be facing in the same direction, as shown in the “remy” image. If hair is non remy, and the cuticles are facing in opposite directions, this will cause the hair to tangle, and the hair will become very difficult to keep smooth, especially when wet. Non remy hair will also not feel as soft as remy hair, due to friction from brushing the cuticle against its natural direction.

Stripped “remy” hair

One thing to be cautious of when purchasing any type of hair extension product is that not all remy hair has been processed in this way, and unfortunately there are some who will cut corners to keep the cost down which will affect the quality of the hair. This method of producing remy hair is known as “stripping”, and it essentially means that each hair has had its cuticle stripped away completely, so that no matter which direction the hair is facing the cuticles can no longer affect this. This however is a very poor way of producing hair, as the cuticle is essential to the longevity of the hair extensions.

Why is the cuticle important?

One of the most important jobs of the hairs cuticle is to protect the hair, as well as to lock in moisture. Without the cuticle, the hair will be much more likely to become affected by any form of styling, excessive brushing, heated tools or simply washing your hair, therefore whilst the hair may look fantastic to begin with, the missing cuticle will soon begin to take affect.

How can I tell the difference between real remy hair and hair that has had its cuticle stripped?

Unfortunately it can be very difficult to tell the difference, and to the naked eye it is near on impossible to tell. The main difference you will find however is in the cost of the hair extensions. If the hair is listed as remy, but the price is very cheap, there is a good possibility that this is stripped remy hair.

Our hair

All of our products are remy, with all cuticles retained and aligned in the correct direction to ensure that each and every bundle is silky soft, long lasting and smooth from root to tip. The quality of our hair is of the utmost importance to SimplyHair, which is why we pay close attention to the production of our hair extensions to ensure they are of the highest quality. We are one of the few companies to have had our hair assessed by an independent trichologist, which is why we are confident that you will love our hair.

Why is remy so important

Remy hair is the only choice for anybody looking to wear hair extensions or set up a hair extension business as it will ensure that the hair is of the highest quality, and will therefore last the desired length of time. Through selecting remy hair you will be able to brush, wash, cut and curl your hair extensions as easily as you would your own natural hair. The hair will be smooth to touch, and will look incredibly shiny and healthy, the desired look for anybody looking to enhance their appearance with the use of hair extensions. Take a look at our full range of remy hair extensions, including stick tip, nano tip, and nail tip.

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