“Life is too short to have boring hair”

Premium Quality Hair Extensions

Get the hair of your dreams with our range of pre-bonded hair extensions, available in 28 natural tones for effortlessly beautiful locks.

At SimplyHair, our focus is always on the quality of the hair we produce, it is our passion.  This is why you will only find 100% human, virgin Remy hair extensions.

“Be authentic, not unique”

We understand that finding a hair extension supplier is easy, but finding one that is obsessed with quality is harder to come by.  We have worked tirelessly to ensure that each step of our production process is designed to provide our customers with the best quality hair, and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved.  You only have to check out our Instagram page to see our customers’ fabulous transformations and reviews.

Why Processing Matters

Regardless of the origin of the hair, the most important factor is always its processing.  If it has not been handled correctly from the beginning, right through to when it lands on your doorstep, it simply is not possible to produce high quality hair.

Absolutely everything our team does is focused around the hairs quality, its why we have worked so closely with our partners to develop a process which creates beautifully soft and long lasting hair extensions, and it is for this very reason that SimplyHair is so loved by its customers.

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail”

Behind The Packaging

Our team are highly trained to ensure every order is packed and handled with the utmost care and attention. We are very proud of the level of detail that goes into packing every single order, and strive to continuously improve the service we provide our customers.

All hair is colour matched on an individual order basis, to ensure the colour is perfect every single time.

Each order of hair is checked for its quality by hand before it is packed, assessing length, thickness and texture.

All hair is handled with extreme care before it is carefully wrapped inside a net to protect it during delivery to you.

Each order comes in a handy zipper bag to make storing, using and transporting hair easy and convenient.

Once fully checked and signed off by our team for its quality, the hair is packed and on its way to you!

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