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“My clients love the quality, the colours, they get at least 5-6 months of wear and they’re always in stock!”


About Our Hair

Welcome to SimplyHair, we are a hair extension company supplying 100% human Indian remy hair extensions and specialised aftercare products. All our hair is 100% human Indian remy, double drawn and produced using a long, labour intensive processing method which can take up to 6 weeks to fully develop. Our range currently consists of 29 handpicked, carefully selected shades ranging from flat colours to natural blends, all our shades are full, thick, glossy and silky-smooth.

100% Indian Remy

We use human Indian remy hair across all our extensions. Remy is the highest grade of human hair extensions because the cuticles are kept intact throughout the process, helping prevent tangling and substantially prolonging the extensions’ lifespan.

Thick From Root To Tip

Through the exclusive use of remy hair and by ensuring that hair is “double drawn”, our hair extensions allow you to create a completely natural appearance. The double drawn process sees the virgin hair meticulously sorted to select the finest strands to create the desired final length.

Processed With Care

Our hair is treated with care, from the moment they are received right through to being packed and sent to you. The colouring process alone can take anywhere up to 6 weeks to complete, ensuring that the hair’s original softness is delivered to you and maintained for months ahead.

Quality is important to us, which is why we invest in our products and in our technology to ensure you receive the best quality service possible. Particularly with our trade customers, we understand how important your time is and how critical it is to receive the correct items for your clients. This is why we heavily invest in our packing service technologies enabling us to hold a 99.9% packing success rate, giving you the most reliable, stress-free service possible.

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Our Products

Hair extensions require extra care when it comes to washing, conditioning and styling, this is because the hairs no longer receive the nutrients your scalp provides to your natural hair. These everyday activities can make a huge difference to the life of your hair extensions for example, using the wrong hair brush can pull on your extensions resulting in hair loss or applying a shampoo that isn’t suitable for prebonded extensions can weaken the glue. At SimplyHair we feel extensions should be full, thick, silky smooth and retain their ‘fresh out the salon look’ for as long as possible, that’s why we created our SimplyHair Aftercare range. Catering for all types of hair extensions, our aftercare products are the safest way to know you’re looking after your hair extensions properly.

SimplyHair Starter Pack
SimplyHair Shampoo & Conditioner

Our Service

At SimplyHair, customer service is extremely important to us, from a phone call seeking colour match advice to your first parcel being delivered, we feel a stress-free service is almost as important as a good hair day – almost!  Not only are we perfectionists when it comes to our own products and services, we’re also perfectionists when it comes to who we work with. Using three different courier services, we handpick the best delivery service for your area, ensuring you have the most reliable, stress-free service possible.