Holiday Bundle


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The ultimate set of aftercare products to keep your hair extension healthy when on holiday.


Hair Extension Shampoo

Hair Extension Conditioner

Heat Protection Spray

Hair Extension Repair Mask

Suitable for all types of hair extensions


Hair Extension Shampoo 

Developed for use with your hair extensions, our shampoo formula has been created to provide you with a simple solution to your aftercare needs.

Our formula gently cleans your hair extensions, whilst hydrating the hair cuticle.  Designed to help protect against environmental damage and ageing, this unique formula is suitable for daily use.

Hair Extension Conditioner

The perfect partner to our hair extension shampoo, our conditioner is designed to keep your hair extensions feeling soft and looking great.

Suitable for all hair extension types, this lightweight formula helps to hydrate your hair extensions, with a unique conditioning system that allows liquid to penetrate directly into the follicle, for long-lasting results.

NB: Hair extension conditioner should only be applied to the mid-lengths and ends.  Do not apply conditioner to your roots and bonds.

Heat Protection Spray
Suitable for use with hair extensions, our heat protection spray is designed to protect your hair from heat, whilst also hydrating your hair.This lightweight product increases the glossiness of dull, dry hair, whilst protecting it from heated tools.Suitable for daily use.

Hair Extension Repair Mask

Our hair extension repair mask is formulated for hair extension which have become dehydrated, undernourished, and damaged. Hair extension requires special care to keep them in tip-top condition, but if you have let your aftercare routine slip and are now suffering the consequences, this mask is for you.  Containing Abyssinian Oil*, Argan Oil* & Keratin to create a deeply nourishing treatment that moisturizes and strengthens hair as it restores shine and a healthy appearance to even severely parched hair.

Suitable for daily use.

Suitable for all types of hair extensions.

NB: Apply to mid-lengths and ends only.  Do not apply at the root.

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