Setting Up A Facebook Page For Your Hair Extension Business

facebookbusiness_miniIf you are running your own hair extensions business, having a Facebook page is a must when trying to bring in new customers.

As a hair extension fitter, your general target demographic is women aged between 16-34, and as this also happens to be the average age of a Facebook user, it is no surprise that many businesses such as yours use Facebook to find and acquire new customers.

Setting up a business page is quick and easy, check out Facebook’s helpful guide here

Why Is It A Good Idea To Have A Facebook Business Page For My Hair Extension Business?

When it comes to Facebook, some opt for using a personal profile for their business activities, however with so many benefits associated with a Facebook business page you really are selling yourself, and your business short by not setting up a page properly.

By simply using a personal page and changing your name to something along the lines of “Sally hairextensions Jones”, not only will your account be against the terms of use for Facebook, and be at risk of shutting down, but you will also be missing out on so many great features that pages has to offer

What Features Do Facebook Pages Have That Can Benefit My Hair Extension Business?

There are so many different features available to a page owner that aren’t available to a basic profile, and those who have not set up their business properly on Facebook are at risk of being beaten by their completion in the race to gain new customers.  For example, if you are currently using a personal page to advertise your business and a local competitor is using a business page, your competition will have access to so many more features than you do to manage and promote your page, therefore in order to compete and not be left behind, you must ensure you are giving your business the best chance possible of being noticed by your customers.

In additional to this, businesses operating through a basic profile can often come across as unprofessional and not as trust worthy.  If potential customers come across your profile and are interested in hair extensions, but instead have to filter through your holiday pictures and wall posts to friends, they may quickly lose interest and move on to another hair extension fitter in your area, so you must ensure you make your business approachable and easy to find, making setting your business up with a Facebook page a big priority.

Tell People About Your Hair Extension Business

By having an official Facebook page you will be able to tell your customers and potential customers so much more about your business.  The “about us” section will allow you to clearly detail all of your services, prices and opening hours, in an easy to find and easy to read format.  This will make your customer feel much more at ease as they can quickly find the information they are looking for.  Your “about us” section can also display your contact information, making it super easy for potential customers to reach out to you and book in for a service.

The key here is to make the information your customer is looking for easy to find.  When searching for services, customers tend to have a fairly limited attention span if they are finding it difficult to navigate through all of the information, so making your services crystal clear will help to turn a follower into a customer.

Grab New Hair Extension Customers Attention With A Catchy Facebook Cover

Just like a personal profile, your business page will have its own cover photo and profile picture which is a great opportunity to further advertise your services.  You could include your prices on your cover photo e.g. starting from £249.00 to grab their attention, or you could try some before and after images to feature your best work.

There are lots of places you can look for inspiration for a catchy Facebook cover, services such as are great for creating a quick, professional looking cover photo that will stand out from the rest.


Use Facebook Insights To Understand Your Hair Extension Business

One of the key benefits to having a page for your hair extension business is access to the insights data.  You can learn so much about the activity of your fans on your page, learning the best times and information to post, as well as a ton of other interesting and useful analytics.  Check out Facebooks help centre for more detailed information on how to use insights for your business

By using analytics, you can understand which of your posts gain the best response, helping you to learn the best and most effective ways to gain more customers.  You may find that certain images get shared more than others, or when you post your price list at 9am on Saturday you get a better response than posting at 11pm on a Friday.  Learning this important information will help you business develop a marketing strategy that will help you to gain more customers.


Make Sure Your Hair Extension Business Is Ranking On Search Engines

Facebook business pages as recognised by google as businesses, as opposed to profile pages which are not.  Having your business set up as a page instead of a profile will help customers find you easily when searching for similar services online, again helping you to gain more customers.

If you do not have a website, then this is a must in order to help customer find you even if they are not searching directly on Facebook.  Many customers will google for services such as hair extension fittings, so you will want to do everything you can to help you page appear in their search results.

You Can Set Up Facebook Places For Your Hair Extension Business

Once you have your page set up, you can connect this to a place, e.g. your salon or home address if you work from home.  The great thing about places is that not only does it make is clear where your business is located, but it also helps to let others know about your services, e.g. Sally has check in at “Sarah’s Hair Extensions”.  By encouraging your clients to check in with you when they arrive for their appointment, this will help to spread your business name amongst their Facebook friends, reaching even more people through this simple tip.


Schedule Your Facebook Posts For When You Are Away From Your Business

With a page you also have the added benefit of being able to schedule your posts if you are not around.  This way you can set regular updates relating to offers or services you have, as well as keeping your fans upto date even when you are away on holiday. 

The key to promoting your work on Facebook is to find a balance between constant, meaningful engagement with your fans, without coming across as “spammy”.  Posting lots of the same information repeatedly is only likely to lead to customers unfollowing you, whereas posting too infrequently could cause customers to forget about you.  

Scheduling your posts based on your Facebook analytics will help you to post regular updates, at meaningful times, maximising the benefits of both features.

Advertising Your Hair Extensions Business With Facebook Ads

Last but most certainly not least, Facebook will allow you to set up ads for your business if you have a business page.  Facebook ads can be incredibly powerful if you are looking to pull in more customers, as it has the ability to target specific groups of people who are likely to be interested in your service.

To learn more about Facebook ads, check out

Do you have a Facebook page?  What have you found most useful when gaining customers for your business?

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