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Separating Your Hair Extension Bonds

When you are wearing any kind of bonded hair extensions, it is very important to understand how to care for them and look after them so that they stay healthy and do not affect your natural hair in any negative way. One of the key ways in which you will need to care for your bonded hair extensions - which includes micro rings, micro tubes, nano rings, prebonded, and so on - is to separate each of your bonds regularly.

What Does Separating Hair Extension Bonds Mean?

When hair extensions are installed correctly, they are usually fitted in a uniform pattern, whereby you will have row upon row of neat and tidy hair extensions. It is the responsibility of your fitter to fit the hair extensions correctly, however once the fitter leaves, it is down to you to maintain your bonds. So what do we mean by separating your bonds? As the bonds sit so close together, it would be very easy over a period of time for each of the bonds to become tangled in any loose/shedded hair, or with another bond, and it is your job to prevent this from happening. To separate your bonds, you simply need to run your fingers through your hair down to your scalp where the bonds are. Then one by one you will need to locate each bond, and feel that it is positioned alone without being tangled to anything else. An easy way to visualise how you would do this would be to literally count through your bonds pulling them one by one apart as you go.

Separating Your Hair Extensions Bonds Is Very Easy

This is a very quick and easy process, but will have a huge impact on your hair extensions in the long run. One of the number one causes of matting is failure to care for the hair extension bonds correctly, and as this will only take you a minute or so a day it is very important that you commit to this as part of your own personal hair extension maintenance. When it comes to your maintenance appointments, if you have failed to look after your bonds this may result in your hair extension technician being unable to maintain your hair extensions, instead having to remove them entirely, making it even more important to look after them if you plan to keep them for a long period of time. Read more about the importance of hair extension maintenance appointments here.

When Do Hair Extension Bonds Need To Be Separated?

There are number of different occasions when separating your bonds is required; in the morning when you wake up after a night’s sleep, and whenever you wash your hair or blow dry your hair. It is during these times that your hair is likely to face the most amount of friction because it is likely to be the longest amount of time your hair has gone without you touching, brushing or running your fingers through it. Whether you are able to commit to separating your bonds at the same time every day, or simply grabbing a minute here or there to separate your bonds whilst watching TV, the main thing is that you are doing it daily. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget to do it in the morning, just take the time as soon as you get the chance and your hair will be absolutely fine. Matted or tangled bonds are the result of bonds that have never been separated, or bonds that have been separated very infrequently, so if you have forgotten on one day it is not the end of the world; they will not tangle in one day, but it makes it even more important to follow through the following day.

Do I Need Special Tools To Separate My Hair Extension Bonds?

The great thing about this part of your daily maintenance is that is requires no tools what so ever, which is why it is so easy. You will only need your fingers to feel your way through the bonds, ensuring the bonds have not become tangled together. Although not essential to separating your bonds, a suitable hair extension brush is also a must in terms of caring for your hair extensions and bonds correctly. You can read more about how to brush your hair extensions correctly here. If you commit to just one thing when it comes to looking after your hair extensions, let it be this one, as matting is not a nice experience for you or your hair extension technician to remove. Take the time everyday to care for your bonds, and you will be surprised at how easily it fits into your routine.