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How To Curl Hair Extensions And Make Them Last

When you have hair extensions fitted, and especially if you have opted for long ones, you are likely to want to experiment with lots of different styles. One common style you are more than likely to try is to curl your hair extensions, however, there are some do’s and dont’s when it comes to curling your new hair, and getting your curls to stay all night.


Use Heat Protection When Using Styling Tools On Your Hair Extensions

As standard practice, if you are applying heat to your hair extensions or your natural hair, you should always be using a heat protection spray. These are designed to protect the hairs surface from the extreme heat applied directly to the hair, and when it comes to hair extensions this is particularly important so that your hair extensions last as long as possible.


Section Your Hair Extensions Before Curling

As we will be pinning the hair extensions throughout the curling process, you will need to be taking each piece of hair in sections, starting from the bottom. Using large sectioning clips to keep the hair in place.


Cool and Clip Your Curls

Using your barrel size of choice, take small sections of hair, and curl around the barrel. Once you have applied heat for the appropriate amount of time, release the curl from the barrel, but keep the curl together in your hand.

Taking a sectioning clip, pin the curl to the head, so that it has time to set in place. Releasing the curl at this point would cause the curl to drop out quickly, as the curl shape has not had time to fully set in, and the weight of the hairs length will pull the curl out into a wave.


Now that you have your first curl in place, you can continue working your way around the head, curling and clipping until all of the hair is secured in place.

Leave Your Hair Extension Clipped Up For As Long As Possible

In order to get your hair extension curls to last as long as possible, leave the curls pinned up for as long as you can. When the time comes that you need to remove your clips and cannot leave them in any longer, slowly release each curl one by one, starting from the bottom.

Brush Out Your Curls

Once all of the curls are unclipped, gently brush through your curls to finish the look. Once you are happy with the curls, use a hairspray to set the hair in place.

Your finished look will be beautifully soft curls, that will last the night and wont drop out straight after you have curled them.