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How To Create A Simple Braid With Jumbo Synthetic Braiding Hair

Synthetic Jumbo Braiding hair is a super fun accessory to work with, as it allows for so much creativity when styling your client's hair around festival season.

Synthetic Jumbo Braiding hair is very different to human hair as it's created to be bright, vibrant and textured. The texture of the Synthetic Jumbo Braid hair allows it to grip the hair and also supports ALOT of volume should you wish to style it in a giant jumbo braid. However, the texture of synthetic jumbo braids will mean it tangles very easily and needs to be handled with care. Learning to braid Jumbo Synthetic Hair into a dutch braid will take practice, however, there are some easy alternatives to get you started. For those new to jumbo braids, we recommend starting by practising with a simple high braid.

Step 1: Brush through your client's hair, and use a gel to smooth away any flyaways.

Step 2: Secure your client's hair in a high ponytail with a bungee hair tie to keep the hair nice and smooth.

Step 3: Secure your jumbo braid in 3 pieces onto a high band. You can do this by using a small plastic elastic band on each third of the jumbo hair.

Step 4: Once secured onto a hairband, wrap the hairband around the client's ponytail so that the jumbo braid hair is underneath the natural hair.

Step 5: Divide the client's natural hair into three parts, and smooth with gel to reduce any flyaways.

Step 6: Take a small piece of jumbo braid and pull it to one side; we will use this to wrap around the top of the ponytail later.

Step 7: Match up the three pieces of your client's hair with the three pieces of jumbo braid and start braiding as usual.

Step 8: As Synthetic Jumbo Braiding hair is highly textured, you need to make big movements to prevent the jumbo braid hair from tangling.

Step 9: As you reach the bottom, the hair right at the bottom will likely have tangled a little from all of the movement, and therefore you need to trim any of this excess away.

Step 10: Secure the end of your braid with an elastic, and use the hair you put to one side to wrap around the base of the ponytail, concealing the hairband that attached the jumbo braid.