Hair Trends: The Lob

lobThe ‘Lob’, (meaning long bob), is a look that’s been around for quite a while now, but initially only sponsored by the likes of quirky celeb fashionistas such as Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton. More recently, however, it’s become more and more of a fashion statement and is being adopted by an ever-increasing amount of big names.

Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence and Lucy Hale are just a few among other celebs to have taken on this new, trendy look. Light and easy for the summer seasons and easily maintained in the cold winter weather, it’s a solid all-rounder and is said to suit any face shape/hair type! Continue reading Hair Trends: The Lob

Fluid Hair Colouring

fluidhairblogIf you’re yet to hear of the internet’s latest hair craze, prepare yourselves.

Fluid hair painting, created by KL Christoffersen, is a method of hair colouring that is proving to be the start of a rapidly growing trend all over the internet, particularly on Instagram, having already developed its own hashtag #fluidhairpainting Continue reading Fluid Hair Colouring

Introducing: Anti Tension Extension Bobble



We would love to introduce you all to our newest product, The Anti Tension Extension Bobble.

This is the start of a revolution for those of you with hair extensions. The Anti Tension Extension Bobble is designed so that it doesn’t kink or pull on your hair, and anyone with extensions will understand what a blessing it is to avoid any additional pressure on their scalp. Continue reading Introducing: Anti Tension Extension Bobble

Hair Contouring 101

sjppThanks to Mrs. Kardashian West, we are all now familiar with the miracle that is facial contouring. If you somehow haven’t caught onto this trend, contouring (in the beauty world) is essentially the use of shading and highlighting on the skin to accentuate/manipulate the structure of something, for example the cheekbones. Women worldwide are now using contouring as a way to transform themselves, it is an art that requires know-how and skill. This trend sparked up nearer the start of the year, however something that has come about more recently puts an entirely new spin on things… Hair contouring! Continue reading Hair Contouring 101

Hair Inspiration: Tommy Hilfiger SS16 NYFW

So- who saw the Hadid sisters ruling the runway for Tommy Hilfiger’s SS16 launch at New York Fashion Week on Monday?

We certainly did, and as we are slowly but surely kissing the summer goodbye here in the UK, a teaser of the new SS16 collection has given us a glimmer of hope for next year. Gigi, 20, atommynd Bella, 18, looked utterly uh-mazing in swimwear as they lead the Rasta themed catwalk show, making us all envious as humanly possible, splashing through a pool of water flaunting their toned figures for the finale. Among the other models, they displayed their perfectly perky bottoms leaving us all in awe for the adorable finish, the sisters’ strutted hand in hand as Gigi planted a kiss on her sisters’ cheek.

Sadly, we can give you little advice on how to achieve their incredible figures… Fortunately, however, the hair in this show is quite minimalistic. Consisting mainly of beach waves, you guys can easily mimic this look (for what’s left of the summer) with a little help from us! Continue reading Hair Inspiration: Tommy Hilfiger SS16 NYFW