What Is A Nano Tip Hair Extension?

nanoNano tip hair extensions are a relatively new extension method.  Nano tip hair extensions involves the placement of individual hair extension strands, secured using a tiny nano ring.  They are considered to be 90% smaller than the traditional micro ring, making them less detectable and comfortable for those with finer hair types.

What does nano tip hair extension mean?

A nano tip hair extension refers to the tip which is used to secure the extension to the head.  In the case of a nano tip hair extension this is referring to the top of the strand as illustrated in the image below.  SimplyHair stock acrylic tip nano ring hair extensions, as these are considered to be the most comfortable and secure, however these are fitted in the exact same way as a metal tipped version.

nanomixHow are nano tip hair extensions fitted?

Nano tip hair extensions are fitted by taking small individual portions of a client’s hair, and threading a nano ring onto the hair.  Once in place, the nano tip hair extension is then threaded through the ring, and a small set of pliers is used to clamp the hair extension in place.

To fit a set of nano tipped hair extensions you will require:

How are nano tip hair extensions removed?

Nano ring hair extensions are very easy to remove.  As the bond is secured in place using a nano ring, a pair of pliers would simply be used to squeeze the ring back open so that the extension can slide free.  Please be aware however that any type of hair extension method should be fitted and removed by a trained professional only.

ringsWhat is the difference between a micro ring and nano ring?

The key difference between a micro ring and nano ring is the size.  In terms of the fitting method, both are virtually identical in the technique used to fit the extensions, however a nano ring is significantly smaller than a micro ring.  Due to this size difference, nano rings can only be used with nano tipped hair extensions, and micro rings can only be used on stick tip hair extensions.  It is not possible to use these type of rings interchangeably as they simply will not fit.  To find out more information on micro ring hair extensions, please click the link.

Do you need to be qualified to fit nano tip hair extensions?

Yes, nano ring hair extensions are a professional hair extension method, and therefore a fitting and/or removal should only be performed by an individual trained and insured to do so.  When considering a hair extension fitting of any type it is incredibly important to ensure that the individual you have chosen to perform the fitting is trained to do so, otherwise you could risk an improper fitting.  For advice on finding an individual to fit your hair extensions, please click the link.

Are nano tip hair extensions comfortable?

As nano ring hair extensions are so small, many consider them to be as comfortable as micro ring hair extensions, if not more comfortable.  Hair extensions will vary in their level of comfort from individual to individual, however generally speaking, and when fitted correctly, nano ring hair extensions should be very comfortable and easy to wear.  If you are finding a recent fitting of any type of hair extension uncomfortable, or are wondering why your new hair extensions hurt, please click the link for more advice on why this might be.

Will you be able to see these extensions?

When fitted correctly, nano ring hair extensions should not be visible.  If you find your hair extensions are visible, you should seek advice from the individual who fitted the extensions so that this can be corrected.  The following article will also offer some advice on what to do if you have had hair extensions fitted that don’t blend, please click the link.

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