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Our Top 5 travel friendly hairstyles

With Kate Beckinsale arriving a LAX this week looking ultra glamourous with a high bun, dark shades, maxi dress and bag to match, it got us thinking about holiday hair, and the best ways to travel no matter the distance or destination, where you can be comfortable during your trip, but confident that your hair will look flawless until the moment you arrive.

Whether you are off on a late summer holiday, visiting family, or heading out for a quick weekend break, here are the top 5 styles we think are the most travel friendly without compromising on style.

High bun

Of course topping our list has to be Kate Beckinsale’s high bun, after all it did inspire the blog post.  Achieving a high bun is simple and suitable for both long and medium length hair.  If you wear hair extensions and your hair is already long and thick, simply secure your ponytail at the top of the head, wrapping and manipulating the hair as shown below to form a secure and messy style bun.  You may need some bobby pins and hair spray handy to keep it in place.  



If your hair is medium length, or not as thick as you would like you will simply need a hair doughnut as shown in the image to add some volume to your bun.

A high bun is our number 1 choice as it is an excellent way to keep your hair secured without it becoming uncomfortable.  You will still be able to lean back in your seat whether travelling by plane/train/car etc without it disturbing the style.  Even if it does become slightly dishevelled if your journey is long it is easy to fix with a few handy bobby pins and a quick spray of hair spray.

Messy High Po55121ed20446d79122fac754208abc13ny Tail


A close second to the high bun is a messy high ponytail.  For the same reasons as the high bun the high pony is a great travel style as it keeps the hair out of the way, and doesn’t matter too much if it is disturbed by sleeping etc on your journey.  Suitable for all styles but best worn with long hair extensions, the high pony is easy to achieve by gathering the hair haphazardly on the top of the head and securing with a hair band.  You can then gently pull at the hair to loosen at the crown, and scrunch the ponytail for a messy effect.  If wearing hair extension be very careful if you do choose to back comb the hair, and be sure to gently brush the hair at the end of the day, removing all tangles before bed.

hair-look-high-ponytailTidy Pony Tail

A second variation on the pony tail is of course a cleaner look, as demonstrated on the right by the lovely Kim Kardashian West.  Secured high on her head, Kim has opted for a much cleaner, polished look.  She has also added a wrap around for added flare which is easy to achieve by taking a section of hair from the ponytail, wrapping it around the base of the hairband and securing with a bobby pin.  This is the preferred choice for permanent hair extension wearers as a cleaner look such as this does not involved as many styling products and no back combing, making it quick and easy to remove.  Be sure to have your hair spray handy as the trick with the look is to keep it as clean as possible, therefore after your journey you may need to make some minor adjustments, especially if you have had a little snooze along the way

7deb0cc01caf7c09e2ef396cc5eebeeaNatural waves

If you do not find wearing your hair up comfortable for a long trip, natural waves may be a more suitable option.  Easily achieved by securing your hair image.axd_in a plait the night before, this look works best when messy, so the longer you travel the better your hair will look…win win!  Whether your hair is long or short the style is suitable for all, and is easier to achieve on day old hair than it is on freshly washed locks.  Add some texture and volume through
the use of a dry shampoo to help keep your hair looking fresh throughout the day.  How tight you create your plait the night before will determine how loose your waves are, so for the barely there wavy look keep your plait as loose as possible.

Side braid

Finally, if none of the above work for you how about a basic side plait.  Quick and easy to do, comfortable to travel with and very easy to change and readjust should the style need a touch up.  You may wish to opt for a fish tail style adding an alternative look to the style, keeping it loose and messy for an effortless style.    This look is best suited for hair extension wearers as thick long locks look fantastic in this style.

Please note the all images above have been taken from online resources and we take no credit for their production.