SimplyHair Eco

At SimplyHair, we are committed to reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging, which is why we have introduced a more environmentally friendly version of some of our packaging.

Throughout 2020 and beyond, we will be continuing to reduce the use of plastic our business produces, and whilst progress won’t be instant and takes time, we will be keeping you updated with any changes that occur.

The packaging may not be as bright and colourful as before, however, its simplicity coupled with its reduced impact on the environment outweighs aesthetics. As we all transition towards becoming more environmentally aware, we hope you will join us in making small steps to improve the quality and recyclability of your waste output.

We have also recently introduced our hair recycling program, where you can recycle your client’s old hair extensions in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Click here to find out more…

So how do you recycle our new packaging?

Ring Packaging

All rings are sent in 100% recyclable kraft paper pouches.  You can easily recycle these, as there is no lamination on the printing! The sticky label needs to be removed before putting in the recycling, as the adhesive on this sticker is not yet recyclable, however, we are working on a solution for this.

Hair Pouches

Our hair extensions are sent in 100% recyclable kraft paper pouches, with an eyelet and string to keep the pouch secure. Before placing the paper pouch into paper recycling, please ensure you remove the metal eyelet, as this will need to go in your metal recycling.  The cotton string can be put into your compost bin.