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A Plait – The Perfect Holiday Style

For many of us there comes a times during the year where the dull English weather becomes too much to handle, and we are in desperate need of some sun sea and sand.

Holidays are a great time to update our wardrobes with some new summer clothes, and a fun time to experiment with some easy updo’s that will come in handy when relaxing by the beach or pool.  The problem many of us face is that we need a hair style that is quick and easy, but still looks effortless and glamorous whilst we soak up the sun.  For hair extension wearers it is also important that this style protects the hair in the unfortunate event that it does become wet.  A plait is the perfect style for this, and with so many variations it is easy to keep your look upto date and interesting, whilst preventing your hair extensions from becoming tangled or unmanageable when wet.

Some simple ideas for a plait are illustrated below, with a neat and tidy plait (Nicole Kidman), a loose and messy plait (Whitney Port), a bun plait (Binky Felstead), and a plaited brad (Mary-Kate Olsen).  All of these styles are suitable for hair extension wearers, however when around the pool we would recommend one of the tidier options such as Nicole Kidman or Mary Kate Olsen, as the neater the hair the more manageable it is when wet.


Why is a plait so important for hair extensions when on holiday?

The main reason behind why a plait is so important is in its ability to be removed easily.  Although it is advisable that you do not get your hair extensions wet when on holiday, from time to time this can become unavoidable, therefore taking the steps to prevent this from becoming an issue is the only way to protect your hair extensions.  By securing your hair in a plait, when it becomes wet you will be able to easily remove the hair band, brush your hair, and re-secure the hair back into a plait within minutes.  This means you will not have a hair band tangled in your hair, and will not have difficulty brushing out any knots.  If for example, you secure you hair in a messy bun and your hair gets wet, you may not find it as easy to remove, which can put tension on the bonds causing some to be pulled free.  In worst case scenarios where the hair is not brushed immediately after becoming wet the hair extensions can become knotty, as will your own hair, therefore a plait avoids these scenarios from occurring all together.

When on holiday it is very important that should your hair become wet, you brush it thoroughly before it has a chance to dry, as this will ensure your hair extensions stay silky smooth, and easy to manage whilst on your holiday.  For extensive information on the hair extensions aftercare when on holiday, please read our advice article on caring for your hair extension when on holiday .