Nano Ring Hair Extensions – Pros and Cons

nano2_miniWhen considering nano rings as hair extension method, it is worth weighing up the pros and cons of each first to make sure this fitting method is right for you.

Just like all hair extension methods, there are positives and negatives associated with nano rings hair extensions, so here we shall address each in order for you to have as much information as possible to known whether nano ring hair extensions are the right choice for you.


Nano ring hair extensions are a very popular form of hair extension fittings, and therefore have lots of positive qualities associated to them.

Super small

The most obvious benefit of nano ring hair extensions are that the bonds are incredibly small.  Around 90% smaller than a traditional micro ring, nano rings are one of the smallest bonds on the market, therefore when fitted correctly they are super discrete.  They are also often available in a range of different colours which can be selected to match your root colour, making them even less visible.


When fitted correctly, nano ring have extensions are very secure, as they adopt a strand by strand method.  As long as the correct amount of natural hair is placed within the ring, and your hair is not excessively soft or oily, nano ring hair extensions should be very secure.  Typically with regular maintenance, nano ring hair extensions should last 3-4 months.

Suitable for finer hair types

If you have fine hair, other hair extension methods may not have been available to you in the past due to the bonds being easily visible through your fine hair.  Nano ring hair extensions offer a solution to this problem with such tiny bonds.  You may only need a half head of hair extensions if your natural hair is fine, however with a fitting 90% smaller than a micro ring or prebonded hair extensions, they will be a lot easier to hide and conceal, even with your hair tied up.

Safe for your hair

As long as your hair extensions have been fitted by a professional they will not cause damage to your natural hair. This is because the method required no glue of heat to secure against the hair, making them much gentler.  They are also very easy to remove, and do not require an acetone or alcohol based solution like a prebonded method. It is very important to always ensure your hair extensions are fitted, maintained and removed by a trained professional  For advise on finding someone suitable please click the link.



Regular maintenance

Unlike other hair extension methods, as the bonds for nano rings are so tiny they are likely to need more regular maintenance appointments to keep the hair extensions maintained.  You should expect to visit your hair extension technician every 3-4 weeks to keep them in top condition, in contrast to every 4-6 weeks with micro ring or prebonded hair extensions.


Due to the size of the rings, nano ring hair extensions are not suitable to all hair types, therefore if you have oily and soft hair you may find you lose a few nano rings between maintenance appointments.  This is very normal and to be expected, however you would need to be prepared for this possibility to ensure you are not disappointed after the fitting if you find one or two begin to come loose.

As with all hair extension methods, there are positives and negatives associated with each, however as long as you are fully advised about any potential issues you may face with each fitting, you should find that nano rings are a great option whether you are having them fitted yourself, or if you are a hair extension fitter looking to add a new method to your services.

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