Matching Ombre Hair Extensions

ombreOmbre is a trend which has been around for some time now, and it looks set to stay as a permanent form of lightening or enhancing your hair colour, rather than just a fashion fad.

At SimplyHair, we have a beautiful range of ombre hair extensions available in a variety of colours, which include 1b/6, 2/20, 4/22, 6/16 and 8/22.

When it comes to colour matching ombre hair extensions, if you have not done this before it can prove to be a little tricky, therefore here we shall outline our top tips for choosing an ombre shade, and getting the most out of your ombre fitting.

75/25 dip

Unique to SimplyHair, our hair extensions have a 75/25 ratio, which means that only the bottom quarter see the ombre transition, with the remaining hair being the base colour. Where most others have opted for a 50/50 split, having a 75/25 ratio not only makes for a more natural effect, but allows more clients with longer hair to use these extensions. Often with the 50/50 dip the “blonde” will come up too high, meeting the natural hair making the extensions very visible, and therefore to achieve a natural ombre effect, SimplyHair is the only choice.

dipwaterSelecting your base colour

First things first, you are going to need to select your base colour. Our ombre hair extensions come in 5 different base shades, 1b, 2, 4, 6 and 8. Using your SimplyHair colour ring you will simply need to determine which of these is the closest match to your clients existing hair colour. If your client does not have a flat base colour and has already ombred her hair, click on the link to see our advice for colour matching already ombred hair.

Although our colour ring does not contain ombre samples, the base colour of each ring is the equivalent to the base colour of the ombre strands, so you will be able to get an accurate match using the same ring as your non ombre clients.

pene1An example

For illustration purposes let’s take the hair colour of Penelope Cruz in the picture to the right. She has a very natural brown shade, and would therefore be suited to either 2/20 or 4/22. Let’s assume that her hair is a colour 4, and therefore we would be using a 4/22.

Now that you have identified which dip dye shade you are using, you will then need to look at the clients hair in slightly more detail, to decide on the additional colours you will be incorporating.

Additional colours

It is a commonly made mistake to assume that as your client has asked for an ombre fitting, that you should only purchase ombre extensions. Whilst this is of course 220webpossible, and some clients may opt for this look, using ombre only extensions can look slightly unnatural, and therefore incorporating a few additional colours can really soften the look, creating an really beautiful final effect.

A good place to start when selecting your colours is to pick 2 additional shades, one which compliments the dark side of the ombre and another that compliments the lighter end. Therefore for our example of Penelope Cruz with colour 4/22, you may also want to purchase at least 1 pack of colour 6 to compliment colour 4, and one pack of colour 16 to compliment colour 22. You may also wish to purchase one pack of your base colour, which in the Penelope example would be colour 4.

When fitting the extensions, you can slowly integrate these colours into a few rows of the extensions to really break down the “blocky” look of an ombre style, as well as adding some more dimensions to the colour.

An example order for a colour 4/22 ombre fitting would look something like the below:

5 packs of #4/22

1 pack of #4

1 pack of #6

1 pack of #16

This will give you enough hair to comfortably fit a full head, with the majority of the strands being the ombre style.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to an ombre look, but the key to achieving an outstanding finish is not to be afraid of adding a few extra dimensions of colour to compliment the colours of the dip dye.

Placement tips

A top tip we would advise if you do decide to opt for the above advice and add in a few extra colours to your ombre fitting would be to ensure you always hold back 1 packet of your dip dye until right at the end. Your last layer (the highest point on the head) will need to be the correct match as to compliment the roots for a seamless finish, therefore make sure you put one to the side to ensure you are not left with only blondes that would show through as the wind blows. Your alternate colours will need to be positioned toward the bottom of the head to allow them to blend correctly with the extensions.