Managing Your Hair Extensions Clients – Texting And Business

texting and business_miniWhen it comes to running your hair extensions business, managing your existing and future clients is one of the most rewarding parts of the process.  Through the services you offer, you can quite quickly develop genuine relationships with your clients, as you are spending so much time with them caring for their precious locks.  In time, you will begin to share information with each other, learning the names of your client’s children, what they do for work, and other details of their lives.  This is the beauty of the hair extension industry, it truly has the potential to bring people together.

With this in mind however, there are always ups and downs to every part of a business, and with the highs of wonderful client relationships, there will of course be the lows.  Fortunately, when managed correctly, the lows are rare occurrences, and here we will be focusing on client communication, in particular texting, and how this can impact on your ability to manage clients.

We will discuss the pros and cons of using this as a method of communication, and solutions to potential problems that could arise in order to help you more effectively manage your business.

Should You Text Your Hair Extension Customers?

Texting in business is a modern day issue.  Rewind 10 years and texting was reserved for personal use only.  In 2015 texting is a very common form of communication, especially amongst the younger generation, and many find it to be an easy way to manage clients when running a business.

Texting certainly has its benefits,  it’s a very quick and easy way to remind clients of their appointment dates, to schedule in new fittings, or to let your clients know if you are running late.  When used for these purposes, texting can make life that little bit easier, however this does unfortunately come at a cost.

The biggest issue when it comes to texting and business is that is can all too quickly become personal, with boundaries blurring between when it is and isn’t appropriate to text.

IMG_0738 (1)If you have made a habit of texting your clients, they will quickly learn that this is a suitable method of communication between them and you, and will most likely use texting as their main form of contact, purely due to the ease of use.  This is fine for scheduling in an appointment, however if your client has an issue, expressing the details of this via a text message can be very confusing.  This is where texting very quickly moves from being convenient, to a nuisance, and once it has begun it can be very hard to stop.  Let’s look at an example to see how this type of situation can escalate.

Texting A Hair Extension Customer

In our hypothetical situation we have a lovely client called Sally.  Sally has had her hair extensions fitted, and is very happy with the results.  She has text you to let you know how pleased she is, and to let you know when she would like to book in her maintenance appointment in 4 weeks’ time.  1 week later Sally is having a few problems, she has lost 2 extensions and she is worried.  Sally texts you on a Sunday morning to let you know she is unhappy, however as Sunday is your day off, and as you know that losing a couple of hair extensions is not a great cause of concern, you leave the reply until Monday when you are back to work.  All day Sunday you receive multiple messages regarding the 2 hair extensions that have been lost, causing you to become frustrated and reply to your customer on your day off to put her mind at rest.  You provide Sally with an explanation as to why this may have occurred, and offer her an appointment date during the week to put them back in for her.  Sally replies at 9pm, having not understood your text message as you have had to squeeze a lot of information into one text, and becomes increasingly frustrated…you can see where this is going.

Text message is a very complicated form of communication when something serious or complex is being expressed.  Detailing how, why and what could have caused Sally’s hair extensions to become loose via text is very difficult, and often fails to express emotion leading to misunderstanding.  Text message is also very personal, and as you have happily engaged in text message with Sally before, the lines have now been blurred where she expects an instant reply, even on your day off.  Needless to say, things can get very messy.

Best Practices For Communicating With Your Customers

So lets try things again, but this time using email

Taking the exact same situation, we can now look at how this could have been handled via email to ensure a happier outcome for you and your clients.

Sally has had her hair extensions fitted, and drops you an email to let you know how pleased she is, and to let you know she would like to book in for a maintenance appointment in 4 weeks’ time.  Sally does not text you, as she does not have your personal number, so your work email address is the only form of communication she has.  1 week later Sally sends you an email to let you know she has lost 2 hair extensions, to which she receives an automatic and friendly out of office email reply which you have on at the weekends.  This says “Thank you for your email, I am away from my computer at the moment but will get back to you first thing Monday morning”.  Sally is instantly reassured, as she knows you have received her email and her concern is off her chest.   Depending on how you run your business, you might chose to reply straight away instead of waiting until Monday, for which Sally will most likely be very grateful as she was not expecting a reply so soon.  If you are busy on your day iPhone-email-group_minioff, which you are of course entitled to be, you can relax knowing an automatic reply has been sent and the issue will be dealt with as soon as you have the time.  When you are ready, you can send Sally a long and detailed reply explaining all of the reasons why the hair extensions may have come out to put her mind at rest, and to book her in for an appointment should this be the course of action you choose.

Both you and your client are left satisfied knowing that the issue was dealt with effectively on both ends, without it escalating out of control.

Why Is Email Better For Communicating With Customers Than Text Message?

Texting is great between friends, however as a business tool it is not the most effective way to manage your clients.  Limit your communication to email and telephone calls to ensure both you and your customer understand each other’s boundaries, enabling you to keep your customers happy and grow your business successfully.  The bigger your business grows, the more important it will be that you are adopting the proper forms of communication with your clients.

But I already use text to communicate with my hair extension customers, how can I stop?

It is very difficult to suddenly tell your clients you no longer want them to text you in fear that this could offend them, therefore moving forward apply this approach to new customers only.  Existing customers may still text you from time to time, and thats is ok.  With all customers moving forward, you should find that managing them is far easier now that texting is out of the equation.

What do you think?  Have you struggled to manage clients when texting is involved? We would love to hear your comments.

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