We would love to introduce you all to our newest product, The Anti Tension Extension Bobble.

This is the start of a revolution for those of you with hair extensions. The Anti Tension Extension Bobble is designed so that it doesn’t kink or pull on your hair, and anyone with extensions will understand what a blessing it is to avoid any additional pressure on their scalp.



There are countless benefits to these bobbles in comparison to general hair ties:

  • They won’t kink your hair/extensions
  • They relieve pressure on the scalp from hair extension bonds
  • They are equally strong in terms of slippage
  • They will reduce the tugging/tearing/tangling of hairs
  • They are compatible with every hair type
  • They’re water resistant
  • They’re hygienic
  • They look subtle in the hair

The list goes on.bobblegroup

These bobbles are suitable for any hair, not only extensions; however we know that they will prove a dream to our clients. We love to promote the concept of healthy, happy hair and this product does exactly that, in a fun way.

Many hair extension users will be familiar with the ritual of tying their hair in a loose pony tail/plait whilst sleeping to avoid matting of the bonds, however, they will also be familiar with the irritating kink that comes with this. Switching to Anti Tension Extension Bobbles will give your hair the kink-free break it has been yearning for.

With two clear bobbles and one clear purple sparkly bobble in each pack, you have the option of subtlety or a more fun look. Ideal for a Christmas stocking filler or to have at hand around the salon, and at a low price of £3.99, why not give them a try?

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