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How To Fit Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are the latest fitting technique to burst onto the hair extension scene, and boy are they popular.

Quick to fit and effortlessly seamless, its no wonder that tape hair extensions are one of our most popular method amongst hair extension technicians.

So how do you fit a set of tape hair extensions?  Here we tell you all you need to know about fitting this fantastic new system.

Who can wear tape hair extensions?

Tape hair extensions are suitable for all hair types, in particular those with normal to thick hair.  Tape hair extensions can also be used on fine/thin hair types, however there is a specific technique used to achieve this.  To learn more about fitting tape hair extensions in thin hair, click the link.

How do tape hair extensions work?

Tape hair extensions work by sandwiching natural hair between 2 pieces of tape which hold strip of 100% human hair.  The tapes are applied all around the wearers head in row to creat body and length. The tape used is a beauty grade adhesive that is safe for use on human hair, and is quickly and easily removed using an acetone based solution without causing damage the the hair (when done professionally).

Step by step fitting tape hair extesnions

Please note, if you are fitting any type of hair extensions you should be professionally trained and qualified.  Our step by step instructions are designed as a reminder and a guide for professionaly trained individuals.

Step 1

Once you have checked the colour of your hair extensions against your clients hair, cleanly section away the front side, and the bulk of the back hair to give you the first layer you will be working on.  This should be a good inch from the start of the hairline so that when the hair is tied up you cannot see the tape.

Step 2

Working row by row in a brick work formation, you can apply each of your tape sandwiches.  Remeber to keep at least half an inch to an inch away from the hairline at the front of the head, and leave at least 1cm between each row as you work your way up the head.  

Step 3

To apply the tape, first you will need to measure the section of natural hair you are going to sandwich inside the tape.  This section of hair should be very thin, and the tape should be slightly wider than the section of hair you take to ensure all of the hair fits inside the sandwich.

Step 4

Now that you have measured a nice clean section to work with, remove the tape from your first hair extension piece and lay directly under your sectioned piece of hair.  The tape should not be pressed up against the scalp as this will prevent the tape from moving naturally. Try to leave at least a few mm between the tape and scalp.

Step 5

Now that your bottom piece of tape is in place, slowly lower your sectioned piece of hair on the the tape, ensuring all of the hair is touching the adhesive.  If there is lots of hair not stuck to the bottom piece of tape, your section is too thick and you will need to resection the piece.

Step 6

Peel back the second piece of tape hair extensions and gently place on top of the first to create the “sandwich”

Step 7

Use your fingers or a pair of smooth pliers to press the 2 sides of tape firmly together.  You do not need to heat seal our tape hair extension.

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