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Hair Inspiration: Tommy Hilfiger SS16 NYFW

So- who saw the Hadid sisters ruling the runway for Tommy Hilfiger’s SS16 launch at New York Fashion Week on Monday?

We certainly did, and as we are slowly but surely kissing the summer goodbye here in the UK, a teaser of the new SS16 collection has given us a glimmer of hope for next year. Gigi, 20, atommynd Bella, 18, looked utterly uh-mazing in swimwear as they lead the Rasta themed catwalk show, making us all envious as humanly possible, splashing through a pool of water flaunting their toned figures for the finale. Among the other models, they displayed their perfectly perky bottoms leaving us all in awe for the adorable finish, the sisters’ strutted hand in hand as Gigi planted a kiss on her sisters’ cheek.

Sadly, we can give you little advice on how to achieve their incredible figures… Fortunately, however, the hair in this show is quite minimalistic. Consisting mainly of beach waves, you guys can easily mimic this look (for what’s left of the summer) with a little help from us!

Our Tips & Tricks

Everyone’s hair is different, but there are a few tips and pointers we can give you all for a little assistance. Remember, one of the most important steps in triumphing beach waves is to let your hair dry naturally- Yep! We said it. Hair dryers down, ladies (only for the most part!)

Tip 1. Use more shampoo than conditioner when washing the hair before this look. That’s not to say don’t use conditioner at all, as we all know our hair extensions need it, just keep it to a minimum (for this look only).

Tip 2. Air dry the hair as much as possible, this will allow the hair to dry with its natural shape. Lightly blow dry the roots to dry your extension bonds if necessary and to add a little extra volume.Hadid

Tip 3. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, or even if your waves are tricky to tame, tie the hair in some loose plaits whilst it’s still slightly damp, try to avoid using heat on the ends as this will flatten/straighten the hair.

Tip 4. Once dry, add your chosen sea salt spray to the ends of the hair to give it a little extra texture.

Tip 5. If your roots need a bit of additional volume, spray a little dry shampoo on the crown of your head once the hair is dry.

Please note: This look requires you to dry the hair naturally where possible, however for those wearing prebonded glue hair extensions we would recommend drying the hair at the root with a blow-dryer first to prevent the bonds from being damp for too long.

Hair extensions should also never be slept on when damp or wet, so do not attempt to air dry overnight ladies.


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