Hair Extensions and Humidity – Achieving Perfect Hair in Hot Climates

We long for summer all year round, dreaming of our new outfits, sipping cocktails on holiday in the sun, and being a bit more creative with some summer hair styles, however one thing many of us tend to forget (or block out altogether) is the havoc this type of weather plays on our hair.

Some of us are lucky enough to have the type of hair that works in all climates, however for the majority of us hot weather = humidity which = puffy, unmanageable hair.

This year however is the year you will stop fitting your hair during the summer months, and learn how to adapt your hair to this type of weather with our top tips listed below. 

It is important to remember that what may work for some may not work for another, therefore you may only need to take a couple of these tips on board to manage your tresses, or you may need to do them all, trial and error is the key to successfully managing your hair in humid weather.

Tip 1 – Don’t fight nature

One of the best tips for managing your hair in humid weather is to let your hair do what it naturally wants to do.  For example, if your hair has a tendency to curl in humid weather, there is no use trying to force is to be straight by going over and over it with your hair straighteners.  This will only lead to frustration and fried hair, so if it naturally curls, a wavy hairstyle is going to be far easier to achieve.  The same can be said for those of us with naturally straight hair, as on a humid day spending hours curling your locks to perfection will only lead to disappointment when the humidity causes those lovely curls to drop out within 10 minutes.

Tip 2 – Prep your hair

Make sure that ahead of the summer weather you get a good hair cut to lose any of those split ends.  You will want to opt for a style that suits your face shape, but that also works for the summer and your hair texture.  long blunt cuts help to weight the hair down and prevent frizz, whereas choppy layers may cause your hair to puff up.

More often than not in the hair extension industry we come across many who have decided to chop off their locks for the summer in the hope that this will be easier to manage, only to find that not only do they miss their long hair, but that short hair is twice as hard to tame and control in the heat.  For starters, if all else fails with long hair a ponytail is always an option, whereas there is no such quick fix for short hair.  Try not to be tempted into doing this as it often comes with regret, and instead listen to what your hair wants to do and go with it.

Tip 3 – Choosing the right shampoo for you

You will want to opt for products designed to hydrate and smooth your hair, therefore any listed as “moisturising”, “frizz control” and “silky straight” are going to work well for your hair in this type of weather.  Steer well clear of any “volumising” treatments, as the humid air has that one under control for you already.

Tip 4 – Drying your hair

The way in which you dry your hair on a humid day can actually have an impact on how well your hair does throughout the day.  By blow-drying your hair intensely in the morning you will be removing lots of the moisture from your hair causing it to become more frizzy, therefore try to either dry your hair naturally or slowly to prevent this from happening.  Always have the air blowing down the hair shaft, not against it, and try to pat or squeeze your hair with your towel rather than rubbing it.

Tip 5 – Apply smoothing products

There are lots of products on the market designed to help smooth and tame frizzy hair, and these will become your new best friends in the summer months.  Leave in conditioners are great for reducing frizz, as are smoothing serums.

Tip 6 – Repairing products

After a day in the humid weather, you will need to take some time to rehydrate and moisturize your hair ready for battle again the next day.  By using a hair extension treatment (such as Hairapeutix) will help to replenish your moisture levels, and also prepare your hair so that it is not as much hard work the following day.

Win the war

By following some or all of these top tips, you should find that this summer you finally win the war against frizzy hair, and can keep your hair tamed and manageable even on the most humid of days.

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