Altering Our Products

When purchasing products from SimplyHair, in accordance with our terms and conditions, any attempt to change or alter the product from its original state will render the items non-returnable for a refund or exchange.  This includes but is not limited to cutting the hair extensions, changing the colour, or toning the hair extensions.

After purchase, should you decide to alter the product in any way from its original state, this is entirely at the customers own risk, and SimplyHair cannot be held accountable for the final outcome, longevity or quality of the hair.

As all of our products are 100% human Indian remy hair, colouring the hair extensions or altering them in any way as listed above is never an exact science, purely due to the fact that the material in question is a human product.  There is no one formula that would be guaranteed to work on every piece of hair due to each strands unique biological make up, and it is this very issue which makes working with human hair complicated.

Please be aware that as many of our operators are experienced in the fitting and application of hair extensions, where requested we are able to offer our recommendations, however this does not impact the above statement that any action would be undertaken at your own risk, and as we would not be there to oversee the process of altering the hair, as well as not being able to see the client the hair is intended for use on, our guidance is for your own interpretation only ad should not be taken as fact.