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Colour Trends: Bronde

brondeBronde is one of the latest hair colour trends to become increasingly popular over the past few months, and with summer approaching quickly many are considering this new shade as a way to mix up their look and try something different for the summer.

So what is “Bronde”

“Bronde” is a term used to describe a hair colour that is neither distinctly brunette nor blonde, but instead sits somewhere in the middle, creating a gorgeous, natural looking new hair trend. Bronde can come in a variety of shades, from a dark bronde to light bronde, but all have one feature in common which is that the colour is a very subtle mix of complimenting blonde and brunette tones to create this beautiful, multi-dimensional new shade.

Cara-Delevingne2_glamour_24apr15_getty_b_640x960Many celebrities have been choosing to switch their traditional hair colours for something a little different with the likes of Beyonce, Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teigen and Dakota Johnson all moving away from their usual colours to try out this new look.

The great thing about bronde is that for those who usually bleach out their locks, it’s a great way to tone the colour down, add a bit more shine and depth to the colour and give it a break from the peroxide. In the same sense, for those usually choosing a darker shade, bronde is a great and healthy way to slowly lighten your hair for a more summery look, without attempting to go from brunette vixen to blonde bombshell in one sitting which as Kim Kardashian West knows, is no good for our hair at all.

Which SimplyHair colours?

With a wide selection of colours, whether you have opted for bronde, blonde, brunette or red we have a colour that will match you.  Colours which prove to be particularly popular amongst those trying out “bronde for the first time are colours #8, #14, #16, and #18.  These shades are great for this type of look as they sit right in the middle of our colour ring, making them the perfect middle ground colours in-between our classic brunette and blondes.

What do you think of bronde? Is it something you would try on yourself, or do you think it’s a little overrated and is in fact a colour that have been around for years, it’s just know body put a name to it until now? We would love to hear your thoughts.