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Christmas Party Hair Inspiration

With Christmas just around the corner, the one thing on many of our minds aside from last minute Christmas shopping is the Christmas party, and more specifically…Christmas party hair.

With so many options available it can be difficult to decide which look to go for and what will work with your chosen outfit.

Here are some of our favourite looks for this year’s Christmas parties for some inspiration.

Casual blowout

Beautifully demonstrated by Kim Kardashian, the casual blowout is perfect for those looking for an “effortless” style.  As many of us will already know, “effortless” styles usually actually take a fair amount of time to achieve despite their appearance, and for this look you will need to spend some time blow-drying your locks with a rounded brush, or for a more professional finish seek a salon to style your hair for the big night.  The key is to not over work this doo, so only a small amount of hairspray is required to hold the style, and you will want to resist running your fingers through your hair as much as possible to ensure its texture and volume remains throughout the night.

23ED569900000578-2868116-image-m-4_1418199967654Sleek and straight

If a causal look just isn’t your style and you prefer a more polished finish, this simple down doo worn by the lovely Katie Piper is perfect.  By loosely securing the sides underneath your hair you can very quickly achieve this simple yet elegant style which will stay in place with ease throughout the night, requiring minimal styling products or fixes.  Simply blow-dry and straighten your locks using heat protection and secure the front back with a few bobby pins, and you are ready to go.

reesePolished pony

Looking for an updo with the same sophistication as above, how about a pretty low ponytail a worn by Reese Witherspoon.  Preferably worn with a side parting for a softer look and some gentle teasing at the crown, a simple ponytail can be the perfect look for a night out.  It’s very easy and quick to achieve, and will stay in place so you can enjoy your night without worrying about what the humidity is doing to your locks.

23FB18AE00000578-0-image-a-25_1418324793764Twisted bun

Not a fan of the polished ponytail but still looking for an updo, how about a messy low bun with a side twist for something a little different and more casual.  Pixies’ look is great as it looks effortlessly glamorous, and can be achieved by sectioning off the 2 front sections of your hair to secure around a low ponytail, and then simply roll into a bun securing with bobby pins.  Quick, simple and stylish, what more could you want?

239F22F500000578-2855271-Feels_familiar_Ella_was_a_contestant_on_the_X_Factor_in_2012-1_1417388695660Tumbling curls

Finally, if none of the above work for you, a staple for any big night out is of course big glamorous curls, demonstrated perfectly by the lovely Ella Henderson.  Whether you achieve this through the use of curling tongs, heated rollers or straighteners, tumbling curls adds glamour to any outfit, and will make you stand out from your usual everyday attire.  Remember to use lots of hairspray to keep those curls in place, and to brush your curls gently for a softer, natural finish.