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Celebrities and hair extensions

When it comes to our hair, the first place many of us look for inspiration is our favourite celebrities, with many of them sporting long, thick, luscious locks, which look effortlessly perfect at every occasion.

Unfortunately, many of us are not blessed with naturally thick and long hair, and therefore either have to commit to a lifetime of no heat in an attempt to grow it past shoulder length, or opt for hair extensions, and we aren’t alone.

Although rarely spotted due to clever styling, the majority of female celebrities do wear hair extensions to enhance their look, some opting for permanent options such as micro rings, and others using temporary methods for one off events.

But with many of them successfully concealing their hair extensions, it is hard to pin point who does and who does not wear them.  We have located a selection of images that illustrate that when hair extensions are not worn, many celebrities have the same shoulder length, averagely thin hair many of us struggle with.  Let’s take a look…

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has arguably one of the most famous heads of hair in the business.  Many look to her for hair inspiration in terms of its length, volume and colour, however as illustrated in the below image, her natural hair does not have quite at much volume, and certainly isn’t as long.


Mila Kunis

Voted by men as one of the world’s sexiest women, Mila Kunis has a head of hair to match, thick, long and luscious, however as this recent picture reveals, without hair extensions Mila has relatively fine hair.


Jessica Lowndes

Star of US hit show 90210, aside from Anna Lynne McCord, Jessica has one of the best heads of hair on the show, however as shown in this image taken earlier in her career, although fairly long, it lacks the volume we have become accustomed to seeing her with


Selena Gomez

It cannot be denied that Selena Gomez has a beautiful head of hair, however in a picture taken in her younger days, her ends appear thin and damaged.  This isn’t to say she hasn’t worked hard to repair them, however it does raise the question of whether or not her long locks are all natural.

selena gomez long straight hair 7