Why Are My Tape Hair Extension Unsticking At The Edges

Have you found that your tape hair extensions are firmly sealed in the middle, but are starting to peel slightly at each end? This is a fairly common fitting issue with tape hair extensions but is fortunately pretty easy to fix.


Why Are My Tape Hair Extensions Peeling At The Edges?

The main reason for this is that the hair extensions have not been fully sealed, and therefore elements such as the natural oil from the scalp, as well as water, have been able to react with the adhesive and reduce its stick. This tends to happen when there has not been a large enough gap left at the end of each piece of tape, and this has prevented the tape from fully sticking together at each end. If natural hair is sandwiched between the tapes too close to the edge, this will mean the tape cannot fully seal, and over time the tape will begin to unstick.


How Do I Fix Tape Hair Extensions That Are Peeling At The Edges?

This issue is nice and simple to fix and can be done without having to fully remove and refit the hair extensions. All you need is a roll of tape or some tape tabs so that you can cut a small piece to reseal each end of the tape.


Step By Step:
  1. Identify & isolate which of the hair extensions have been affected, and how many will need to be resealed.
  2. Measure how large the opening is, and cut an identical sized piece of tape.
  3. Remove one side of the tape, and gently place it inside the sandwich
  4. Remove the other side and firmly squeeze shut.
  5. Repeat this process on the other end of the tape if necessary.
  6. Continue until all tape hair extensions have been re-sealed

How To Avoid Repeating This Problem In The Future

It is likely that you will only need to make some very small changes to your fitting method in order to prevent this from happening again. Of course, this won't happen to every single client, as each client will have their own level of scalp oiliness and washing habits, however knowing how to avoid this problem will help reduce its occurrence.

Simply make sure that when you section a piece of hair to go inside your tape, the piece of hair you chose leaves at least 0.5cm at each side. This means that when you seal the hair shut, at each side the tape will seal against itself, creating a nice secure hold.