So you have had a fresh set of tape hair extensions fitted, but you are finding that they are slipping and falling out.  Assuming you aren’t just having a bad dream, as this sounds like the stuff of nightmares, there are a few reasons which could explain why this is happening, and here we will go into some common reasons why tape hair extensions may slip.

Firstly, this article is covering tape hair extensions slipping when they are brand new.  This means that they have not undergone a retapping process.  If you have tape hair extensions that have already been worn but fitted with a new tape for a refit, please read our article on why re-taped hair extensions may slip, as some of the information will be different.

So, let’s get into it…

Your Hair Needs To Be Clarified Before Fitting New Hair Extensions

It is incredibly important that the base for your hair extensions is hair that has been cleaned and clarified.  A clarifying shampoo is designed to clean your hair, and remove any product build-up that might be sitting on the strand.  Silicones are one of the most common ingredients to build on our hair, and this is particularly problematic for tape hair extensions, as the surface of the hair is too slippery where the hairs cuticles are covered by the silicone to give an ultra-smooth texture.  Using a clarifying shampoo removes any product build-up, giving the tape hair extensions the best possible base to attach to, therefore if your brand new tape hair extensions are slipping, this could be the reason why.

But I Have Never Clarified My Hair Before Fitting Hair Extensions

This is quite common, as sadly using a clarifying shampoo is still something many people forget to do.  It could be that you have been lucky on previous fittings even though you did not clarify and your hair did not have that much project build-up.

Clarifying your hair before having your hair extensions fitted is one of the most important parts of hair preparation to ensure you are getting the most from your hair extensions, so be sure to prioritise this before every hair extension fitting.

Too Much Hair Inside Your Tape Hair Extensions

Another very common reason why tape hair extensions slip is that there is too much hair inside each tape sandwich.  In order to fit tape hair extensions, the fitter will take a thin section of hair, apply tape to the underside, another tape on the topside, and then stick the pieces together with the natural hair trapped in between them.  If you take a section of hair that is too thick, it will mean that the two sides will not be able to fully stick together.  This will result in very weak hair extensions, whereby water, shampoo and conditioner can easily get to the adhesive, breaking down the glue and resulting in the hair extension falling out.

Ensuring the correct amount of hair is sandwiched between the two pieces is vital in fitting a secure set of tape hair extensions, and is the most common reason for tape hair extensions slipping.

Not Enough Hair Inside Your Tape Hair Extensions

Much like having too much hair inside, so can not having enough hair inside your tape hair extensions.  If your tape hair extensions have been fitted with a really fine amount of hair, the weight of the hair extensions may not be supported by the hairs follicles, causing the hair extensions to pull at the root and fall out.  This is a much more serious problem than the above two issues, and fortunately much less common, however, if you suspect this could be the reason it is very important that you get this addressed by your fitter as soon as possible.

In all cases, the solution to a poor fitting will be to have your hair extensions refitted, whether that is just the few that have come out, or the whole set, depending on the extent of the issue.
We have a super handy article on how to retape hair extensions, so if you need any advice on this, please check it out.


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