From ‘Bronde’ to ‘Sombre’

sombreAt the start of the summer season, we discussed an up and coming more natural trend, ‘Bronde’. On last weeks’ VMA’s we noticed an adaptation of this, combined with ombre; creating a new summer/autumnal trend. Introducing… Sombre!

What is Sombre?

lilySombre is a far more delicate, natural approach to the classic ‘ombre’ look that has been popularly sponsored Continue reading From ‘Bronde’ to ‘Sombre’

Achieving Hollywood’s Perfect Top-Knot

topknotEasy to achieve, suitable for every hair type and perfect for second day hair, the top knot has become a staple style for anybody looking for a quick look that is effortlessly stylish even if you are pushed for time.

Worn by some of the highest profile celebrities of 2015, if you have not already introduced the top knot into your weekly style portfolio this summer is the time to experiment with this simple look.

Differing somewhat to the polished donut style bun of last year, the top knot is far easier to achieve, and is most suited to unwashed hair, making it the perfect look for those days when you would prefer an extra few minutes in bed.  There are a number of different technique and styles to the simple top knot, and one to suit us all. Continue reading Achieving Hollywood’s Perfect Top-Knot

Dry Shampoo – Hair Hacks

dryDry shampoo is a girl’s best friend.  It can be a life saver on days when you just haven’t left enough time to wash your locks, and it can help refresh even the flattest of hair styles in an emergency.  Dry shampoo is great for hair extension wearers, as it helps to reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your hair extensions and protects your hair extensions from the adverse effects of washing, blow-drying and straightening/curling on a regular basis.

Dry shampoo can be a real life saver, and it has more ways in which it can aid your daily styling than you might think. Continue reading Dry Shampoo – Hair Hacks

Christmas Party Hair Inspiration

With Christmas just around the corner, the one thing on many of our minds aside from last minute Christmas shopping is the Christmas party, and more specifically…Christmas party hair.

With so many options available it can be difficult to decide which look to go for and what will work with your chosen outfit.

Here are some of our favourite looks for this year’s Christmas parties for some inspiration.

Casual blowout

Beautifully demonstrated by Kim Kardashian, the casual blowout is perfect for those looking for an “effortless” style.  As many of us will already know, “effortless” styles usually actually take a fair amount of time to achieve despite their appearance, and for this look you will need to spend some time blow-drying your locks with a rounded brush, or for a more professional finish seek a salon to style your hair for the big night.  The key is to not over work this doo, so only a small amount of hairspray is required to hold the style, and you will want to resist running your fingers through your hair as much as possible to ensure its texture and volume remains throughout the night. Continue reading Christmas Party Hair Inspiration