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Achieving Hollywood’s Perfect Top-Knot

topknotEasy to achieve, suitable for every hair type and perfect for second day hair, the top knot has become a staple style for anybody looking for a quick look that is effortlessly stylish even if you are pushed for time.

Worn by some of the highest profile celebrities of 2015, if you have not already introduced the top knot into your weekly style portfolio this summer is the time to experiment with this simple look.

Differing somewhat to the polished donut style bun of last year, the top knot is far easier to achieve, and is most suited to unwashed hair, making it the perfect look for those days when you would prefer an extra few minutes in bed.  There are a number of different technique and styles to the simple top knot, and one to suit us all.

So what are the different styles of top knot?

Here are our top 5 top knot styles to try at home.

2Tousled top knot

It really couldn’t be simpler, as all you will need is a hair band, a few bobby pins and unwashed hair.  Secure your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head, as high as you are comfortable with, and then twist the ponytail into a tight sausage shape.  Take this, and wrap it loosely around the base of the ponytail, securing in place with a couple of bobby pins.  How simple was that!

6Tight top knot

Fancy something a little more secure?  Use the same technique, however this time wrap the hair around the base tightly, and secure using another hairband rather than bobby pins.  For a super sleek and lasting effect, use hairspray to tame any flyways and you are good to go.

5Braided top knot

Again, same technique as the tousled top knot, however this time we will be braiding the hair instead of rolling it to create a different effect once the hair is wrapped around the base.  This look can be worn either loose or tight depending on which style works for you.

3Half top knot

Finally, if you are a fan of the top knot, but prefer to wear your hair down, how about a half up look.  The looser and messier the better here, and you can use any of the techniques above to achieve the half undone look.

1Double half up top knot

And for those of us feeling brave or creative, how about the double half up top knot for a fun twist on this easy style.  Again, you can mix and match any of the techniques above to create this look, including the braided top knot as worn by Ariana Grande.

What top knot style do you prefer?